Mason Capwell's apartment
103 White sand place, 4th floor, apt. 412, Santa Barbara

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Strangely small for a private lawyer of such a fame, Mason Capwell's apartment is situated in full center of Santa Barbara. With dark colors, it appears as particularly sober and sad, a little like its main occupant very few turned to the joy of living and expansiveness.

We know of this apartment only two rooms. As soon as we cross the front door, we penetrate directly into the lounge / living room after a small waist-high separation behind which is placed a big angle dark gray sofa. On this separation thrones majestically a kind of sculptured dragon, which still amplifies the cold and not much welcoming side of the place. On the walls, an anthracite grey paint and some faint lightings accentuate the lack of natural light of this main room.

The coffee table in front of the sofa also serves as table to have lunch, the apartment being devoid of real tables and chairs to share a meal. Farther, a small table acts as a desk, where Mason puts his files, his briefcase and a telephone.

Along the wall of this main room, we notice some bottomless shelves filled with books, which form in fact a separation with another room, this time lines by some windows, but into which we shall regrettably never penetrate. After the shelves, we find a fireplace (never used), then a recess giving access to the kitchen.

At the bottom of the room, a door gives access to the bedrooms : Chip's bedroom (whom Mason will raise as his son for a few months after his birth), and Mason's that he will share with Mary DuVall, then with and Victoria Lane from their wedding to their divorce.

We shall see this bedroom in particular in 1987, when Victoria will be assaulted by a serial rapist.