Hayley Benson and Ted Capwell's apartment
Santa Barbara

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It is to be able to live their love quite freely that Hayley Benson and Ted Capwell settle down in a small studio of an outlying district of Santa-Barbara. His father not approving his relation with Hayley, his former maid, Ted decides to finally get more independence and to leave the family mansion. The address of this apartment to rent is given to him by Roxanne, a.k.a. Jane Wilson.

The apartment is relatively small : it consists only of a main room and a bathroom. On the wall of the bottom, a fireplace decorates the room. A big French window offers a little brightness and gives access most probably to a small terrace. The majority of the main room is filled by a double bed, whose water bed well give a headache to Hayley and Ted. The decoration is modern, reflecting well the young age of its occupants.

Realizing that they moved together too fast, Ted leaves his place after a few days to Jane Wilson, who settles down in the apartment with Hayley. The double bed is replaced by two single beds, separated by a small piece of furniture. After their wedding, Ted will come to settle down back in this studio with Hayley, whereas Jane will leave to live in the Lockridge mansion. After a few weeks, the couple will desert the apartment to settle down in Ted's former bedroom at the Capwell mansion.