Gina DeMott Capwell's apartment
Santa Barbara

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In 1987, the man-eater Gina DeMott Capwell falls in love with the famous scientist Dr. Alex Nikolas. As a gift for their love, he offers her the keys to a downtown apartment that Gina can use as she wants to. Of modern aspect, it includes a main room, and upstairs a bedroom and a bathroom. We can access this floor by a staircase just on the left while entering. The stairs are hidden by a large fireplace, over which Gina hung a picture that everyone mocks for its bad taste, but in which Gina believes to recognize herself. After the fireplace, a double French door provides access to the kitchen.

Finally, at the bottom of the room, are two sofas and a window giving to the outside. It will be very useful to Keith Timmons when, during a naughty visit to Gina, he will flee at Alex's unexpected arrival. Gina will welcome in this apartment her son Brandon, but also her niece Hayley during her separation with Ted Capwell.

Alex will retrieve the keys to the apartment when he will have discovered the infidelity of Gina and this latter will then find refuge at the neglected Lockridge residence.

In 1991, the set of Gina'a apartment will be partly used again for Craig Hunt's one.