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Episode 920

Jake and Rita both catch a virus in succession and are remained confined to bed. Pearl makes the choice to remain taking care of them instead of leaving for Pebble Creek. Gina and Keith come to an agreement to put back their wedding, by seeing that their guests prefer going to Eden and Cruz's. They decide however to go there too to attend the ceremony. Arriving there, Andrea and Cain have a picnic on the cliffs. Julia and Mason make a date by car towards Pebble Creek without speaking to each other, and succeed in being stopped for speeding. Eden and Cruz learn that Amelia, the daughter of the first owner of Pebble Creek, committed suicide from the top of cliffs by seeing the ship of her fiancé, a captain, sinking into the ocean. By going for a walk on the rocks, Eden sees the ghost of a young woman in a wedding dress there. A gust of wind causes her to lose grip of her wedding dress which flies off towards the ocean...

The decor used for the bedroom under the roof space of Gina and Keith in Pebble Creek is very obviously the same that that used for the bedroom occupied by Julia and Mason in Kris Kringle's cabin some months earlier.
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Episode 921

Pamela finds a reason to postpone the departure of Jeffrey for Pebble Creek. Kelly and Sophia go there by car and she uses this time to announce to her mother that she is pregnant. Gina meets a man incidentally in the old dress who tells her that he is named the captain Anderson, while Keith, he, meets a young woman named Amelia, dressed in a dress of the last century. Gina and Keith are persuaded to have met the ghosts who the hotel operator spoke of. Mason hides some bottles in the hotel cellar and goes to the stables where he surprises Julia in gallant company with the groom. Completely drunk, he threatens him with a pitchfork, before making his excuses to Julia. Carmen makes Cruz not see Eden before the wedding day. Cruz then organises a game of tracking which leads Eden to find him in the stables for a romantic gathering...

The decor used for the stables of Pebble Creek hotel is identical to that used in 1987 for the Abernathy stables.

Episode 922

Cain is worried about not finding Eden and Cruz in their room. They indeed spent the night on the hay in the stables at the hotel. Cruz gives himself a ride on horseback in the woods in search of wildflowers for Eden. He has a bad fall and stays on the ground, unconscious. The ghost of the captain Anderson helps him to wake up and to recover on horse towards Pebble Creek. Eden, she, is helped by Amelia's ghost to slip on the dress of the 19th century. Jeffrey, Ted and Victoria arrive in their turn at the hotel. C.C. attracts an approach to Sophia, who mildly pushes back his advances. The hour of marriage arrives. Gina and Keith, who stole Mason and Julia's wedding costumes, get ready to interrupt the ceremony on board of a barouche drawn by horses. But the captain Anderson sabotaged the vehicle and Gina finishes on the ground, her dress full of mud. Finally the ceremony can begin...

Episode 923

Eden and Cruz exchange their wishes in the hotel gardens of Pebble Creek and are religiously joined by the priest. Gina and Keith, after a fight in the mud, join them without achieving their plan of sabotage. In the distance, Eden sees the ghosts of Amelia and the captain finally united. There are dances, cutting the cake and throwing the bunch of flowers at the hotel. Kelly announces to her sister that she is pregnant, while Julia is frustrated to see such a disobedient Mason at the idea of being the fellow to get married. Facing the authority of C.C. who refuses that she phones to T.J., Sophia breaks any hope of reconciliation. In turn, the guests leave Pebble Creek, while Eden and Cruz decide to stay for their honeymoon, without anyone knowing...

Carmen Castillo (mother) will reappear in the series as from episode 980.
The opening credits theme is replaced by the famous Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner.

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Episode 924

Because of the candles which he lighted in their room, Cruz launches the fire alarm and floods the bed. As no other room is available in Pebble Creek, Eden and Cruz are going to become established in the stables where Eden hopes to get pregnant. By discussing with Jake, Rita deducts that the author of the anonymous letters which she had received is in fact Pearl. She confronts him, but he has nothing to say to her. Cain accompanies Andrea on the grave of her father where she collects herself. They then go to the Diplomat club, where Andrea goes back to her past by finding friends of her father. Victoria comes to offer her services as a volunteer at the hospital. But when Dr. Joseph Noah learns from Scott that she is an old drug-addict, he rejects her offer. C.C. discovers that Sophia invited T.J. to move in with her in the Capwell residence. He goes there and threatens to evict them...

Episode 925

Scott is once again confronted by his superior, Dr. Noah, about Victoria's candidacy. He is of the benefit that since the doctor ends up learning that it was just as a voluntary nurse. In Johnny's, Pearl and Jake are approached by Jerome, a black preschooler who tries to sell them obvious stolen equipment. Andrea and Cain are in Virginia, in search of Cain's family home where his brother still lives. But a storm arrives and they are forced to take refuge in a cave. Cain confides in Andrea about the difficult character of his father and about the death of his mother. Julia sees herself offering by the federal attorney of California to become Keith's helper. The secret purpose is to investigate the malpractice of Keith. Mason, who is a bit jealous, drunk in a bar and found unconscious in his living room by Victoria. Julia comes to recover him, but lets him leave alone again...

First appearance in the series of Darlene.
For some episodes, Robin Strand temporarily replaces Justin Deas in the role of Keith
It will be necessary to wait for episode 970 to see again Sam Hastings, the federal attorney of California, under the features of F.J. O'Neil.

Episode 926

The young Jerome is hit by a car exiting the Lair. Jake drives him to the hospital, but the child dies from internal bleeding. Scott is upset, persuaded that if he had come from a rich family, he would have benefited from better care and been able to be saved. Dr. Noah suspends Victoria from the volunteer's post having discovered that narcotics disappeared from the health centre. Margot meets Darlene for the second time, the new servant of the Capwells. It seems that they share a common secret. C.C. gives Sophia an ultimatum that she leaves the Capwell residence if she continues allowing T.J to live there. Kelly intercedes with T.J. and asks him to move out to avoid inflaming things between her parents. T.J. with his suitcase is ready to leave, when C.C. arrives with a bailiff. Sophia, outraged by these methods, decides to leave the residence with T.J....

Episode 927

Keith hastens to destroy compromising files before Julia's arrival to her new post as a helper. But Gina insists that they go to Mexico as Eden and Cruz, get engaged officially. Arrived there, Gina and Keith are pick-pocketed by a Mexican without scruples who hides Keith's wallet. Andrea and Cain arrive home from Caleb's, Cain's brother. The reception is very cold, both brothers not having spoken to each other for many years. Cain is even unaware that his father died last winter. He goes to his mother's grave, then finally finds an occasion to get closer to his brother when he is led to read the last will and testament of their father where he admits the errors of education. At Pebble Creek, Eden and Cruz look at an old book found in a room, and a mirror. They meet in 1962 and look on at Sophia and C.C. of this era, who of course do not see them. They talk and Cruz invites Sophia to dance. But C.C. makes a scene of jealousy with Sophia and threatens to divorce. Eden fears that she could not go back if her parents part...

The decor used for the home of Cain's brother is very obviously the same that was used for the Perkins house in the past.

Episode 928

Julia wonders what inquiry Keith has to go to Mexico. Gina, for the pleasure of copying Eden, pretends to have dreamt about the place of her marriage overnight. She visits the temple of Divine Serenity with Keith, which proves to be a sect. Keith finds himself after some hours shaven and completely programmed to Gina. After a lot of difficulties, Eden and Cruz manage to get Sophia and C.C. reconciled by uniting them in the stables at Pebble Creek. Victoria leaves Chip with his new baby-sitter and asks Mason to help to pay the exorbitant fee which her lawyer is claiming. When she comes back home, with Scott she discovers a note left from the babysitter: saying that she stole Chip from her...

Episode 929

Back in Santa Barbara, Eden and Cruz learn from C.C. that Sophia left the Capwell residence. Sophia decides to become established in the presidential suite of the Capwell Hotel with T.J.. On the advice from T.J., Sophia presents C.C. with papers for a divorce. C.C. does the same. Ted announces to his father that he is also leaving the family home. Margot offers to accommodate him for the night, but Ted declines her offer. Suffering from a fever, Eden calls Scott. He tells her that she caught mumps. Victoria tells the police of Chip's abduction. But there is no trace of Wilma, the baby-sitter, or of the baby in her house. With Mason, Victoria calls Cruz for assistance to find her son. But she fears that he arrives at her misfortune...