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Episode 850

Pamela and Mason come to collect their 25 million dollar cheque from C.C. and savour their victory. Pamela does not wait to give herself a splendid fur coat. In Santa Barbara everyone hurries up to attend the unveiling of The Lair. Jake appears in his animal skin. Mason, drunk, speaks in the microphone and makes fun of his father whom he treats as an old lion. Ted hits him to the face to make him hush up. The Capwells leave there, while Pamela and Jeffrey stay with Mason, who takes back his mind.  Back at home, Jeffrey accuses his mother for being more interested in the money than her children. Victoria drops Chip off at Julia's and goes to the rehabilitation centre. She introduces herself to her therapist, Angie, an old actress who had similar issues. Mel finally decides to join her. Mason goes to see Julia, still drunk. He wants to see Samantha, but Julia prevents him from it, fearing that he will see Chip. Mason persuades himself that Julia is with a man and leaves again...

From this episode, Melinda O. Fee replaces Carolyne Barry in the role of Olivia Welles.

Episode 851

Cain, Pearl and Carmen accept a task from the manager of the Capwell Hotel who engages them to accompany personalities. Olivia Welles comes to see T.J. in The Lair and demands that he joins her in her hotel room if he wants to keep the money which she has invested in him. T.J. complies and sleeps with Olivia. Jake tells Hayley about the devotion whom T.J. showed, but she still doubts his honesty and informs him about it. Gina sees Scott in the hospital and hears him contacting her new nurse. Back at home, she finds Keith who waits for her with Christmas cheer of his ready-to-wear clothes. He makes her understand that Scott is more attracted to her disability than by her. Scott then arrives with a present twice as big as his. By embracing Scott, Gina realises that she receives light, but she does not speak to him about it. Eden and Cruz are in Hawaii on holiday. After a splendid string of pearls, Cruz gives Eden their first dance for months...

First appearance in the series of Kathleen McDougall.

Episode 852

Pamela makes a peace offering to Jeffrey to forget their dispute. Kelly gives a Christmas present to Jeffrey: skis, in anticipation of a holiday in the mountain during the holidays. But facing Pamela's reaction to this departure, Kelly prefers abandoning it and staying in Santa Barbara. Scott dresses up as Santa to entertain the children of the pédiatrique service of the hospital. Pamela comes to meet one of the workers there hurt by the oil rig and gives him a cheque from the compensation that she received from C.C.. Julia explains to Mason that, contrary to what he believes, she does not have a small-friendly secret. Victoria quits the centre to find Chip, but Mel joins her in Santa Barbara and has her to agree to go back.  Lionel organises a celebration of charity to harvest funds for the hospital. He gives some money to Pearl so that he buys presents, but Pearl is trapped by a dishonest man who hides the cheque from him. Julia is requisitioned to audition Santas. With Mason, she meets one who acts as though he was really Santa. Intrigued but charmed, Julia decides to recruit him. Mason offers to spend the party together with Samantha, but Julia is obliged to refuse...

Episode 853

Gina spends the day receiving animal boxes of various poultry species, organised by Keith. In the hospital, Scott must treat a patient hurt by a bullet who refuses for Scott to declare him to the police. In the Orient-Express, the celebration of charity that Lionel organised is in full swing with the auction of the ruby of Romanov. Pamela makes offers on all Sophia's things for pleasure. Weary of her hanky-panky, Sophia sends her a cream pie in the face and both women come to a fight with throwing pies. Pearl informs Keith that the cheque for presents was stolen from him. But in the Orient-Express, the Santa chosen by Julia and Mason distributes dozens of surprises to the children.  Keith accuses him of having stolen these presents and makes him stop. In prison, Julia thinks that the man is well and truly the true Santa. She tells Mason, when they realise that he succeeded in leaving his cell of a locked prison. In Hawaii, Cruz finds Richard, an old colleague of "the Agency" where he worked as a secret agent. Richard explains to him that the old colleague in the East is back in the United States and asks Cruz to stop him before he reaches Santa Barbara. In front of Eden, Cruz pretends not to know Richard...

First appearance in the series of Richard Matthews.
In the French version, the police officer who accompanies Keith regularly is mysteriously called by two different names in this episode : Sanders, then Jensen.

Episode 854

Keith stops the man who hid Pearl's cheque. He learns that someone treated of a bullet wound by Scott gave slush money to him for his silence. Keith stops Scott, but with Gina's insistence, he ends up releasing him and resolves to spend time at the Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks to Pamela's common intervention and C.C., Kelly and Jeffrey decide to spend the Christmas Eve dinner together in their old home, and at each other's respective families. Julia and Mason go to Kris Kringle to inform him that he must go after his escape from prison. Because of the snow, they find themselves locked in his cabin and have to spend the night in a bed in two places. They understand that they will stay when they see Santa flying off in air on the sleigh at midnight...

At the top of modernity for 1987 : for Christmas, Scott gives to Gina her first CD player !
The opening credits theme is replaced by the song It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, by Johnny Mathis.

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Episode 855

Kris Kringle gives happy dreams to Victoria, Sophia, C.C., and to Julia and Mason. Upon waking, Mason and Julia leave the cabin to return to Santa Barbara, where they learn that charges against Kris were raised. Julia drives Chip to see Victoria for Christmas. Ted surprises his parents by coming back from Los Angeles to spend December 25th with them. He invites Hayley, Laken, T.J., Jake and Lionel to start singing a traditional song for Sophia and C.C.. T.J. is contacted by Olivia who asks him to come to see her and to comfort her, with her husband having left her. In Hawaii, Cruz accepts a call from Richard. He decides to explain the situation to Eden. After a walk on the beach, he announces to Eden that he decided to accept the dangerous mission which they want to entrust him with. Mason comes to find C.C. and both make peace for the day. Kris says goodbye to Julia and leaves the home by the fireplace...

Kris Kringle will reappear in the series as from episode 1061, Olivia Welles as from episode 942.

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Episode 856

T.J. and Jake are intimidated by a gangster who wants to extort some money from them as a guarantee for The Lair. Jake calls for the services from Cain who succeeds in moving the threat aside by making the man believe that he knows more menacing information about him. Cain has a dinner date in the Orient-Express with the nurse Kathleen. Scott introduces Gina to his father. His father scolds him for going out with an ex-Capwell. Pamela offers Jeffrey to leave Hang Glider Pharmaceuticals to become the manager of her oil company. Kelly sees the new little scheme of Pamela to move Jeffrey away even more from the Capwells. Eden doesn't accept Cruz's decision to re-enlist again as a secret agent and to risk his life too well. She finds a priest to marry them before their departure from Hawaii, but Cruz prefers waiting...

First appearance in the series of Ben Clark.

Episode 857

Gina, whose view improves from day to day, decorates the guest house for Scott's birthday and invited his father. His father gives Scott an album of youth photos, including a photo of Hal, his uncle, with one very young Pamela. Pamela delays the service of the oil rig and discovers that the production of oil doubled. C.C. wonders if she scoops out from her reservations or if it is only natural reasons. He also gets worked up to discover that she laid off some of her employees, among whom Ben Clark. In Johnny's where she invited her employees, Pamela is approached by Well, who shows her the photo with his brother Hal. Pretending to remember nothing Pamela then tells C.C. that she is afraid that their secret is known. Angie, Victoria's therapist, persuades her to speak about her addiction to Mason. Victoria phones him,, but it is Julia, who is at the flat, who answers the phone. Tori hangs up and wonders with Mel about the marriage. Mason, he, phones to Sid, his lawyer, to envisage his divorce...

From this episode, Marj Dusay replaces Shirley Ann Field in the role of Pamela Conrad.
Jill Farren Phelps is credited as executive producer in the ending credits.
Lionel points it out: Mason shaved his beard !

Episode 858

Hayley bears a grudge against Jake for speaking only of The Lair and leaving all the other plans. Having finally making peace thanks to Laken and T.J., Jake offers Hayley to marry him. Julia must come back home because Chip fell ill. But Mason follows her and Julia is obliged to make him believe that Samantha is the reason she returned home. Mason drives Samantha to the hospital, while Julia asks Scott to examine Chip. Scott, with Gina's idea, takes Chip to look after him. Hayley discovers that Gina can see. But Gina asks her to keep it a secret. Mason announces to Julia that he considers his marriage with Victoria to be ending and that he wants start his life with her. Eden fears a curse since her Hawaiian guide told her the risks of picking up a piece of volcanic rock on the beach. While he is driving to the volcano to visit it, the car with Eden and Cruz swerves...

Episode 859

Kelly and Jeffrey organised a gathering in The Lair for the new year, to thank the guests in their marriage. Before the party begins, Pamela succeeds in creating a new subject of disagreement between them. In The Lair, Jake speaks in the microphone and announces his engagement with Hayley. Ted, a bit confused, explains to Hayley that he has just realised that he had the secret hope of recovering her one day. T.J. comes to comfort Sophia, upset to see C.C. talking with Pamela. At midnight, everybody embraces each other, same for Julia and Mason. After a picnic including champagne organised on the beach, Mason invites Julia to a hotel room to finish at night. Julia cannot however help thinking of Victoria. Eden and Cruz get out unharmed from the car accident. Their guide drives them nevertheless to the hospital, where a doctor gives an injection to Cruz. Having danced a lot of the night, Cruz has dizzy spells and collapses down in front of Eden...

The decor used for Julia and Mason's hotel room is the same that the one which is usually used for Lionel's bedroom in the Lockridge mansion.