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Episode 530

Gina manipulates Ted in the hope that he is reconciled with Hayley. Ted isn't fooled, but Gina's plan works. Keith visits his ill grandmother. His grandmother reminds him that the next day is the anniversary of Katie's death, his sister. She drowned while she was a swimming champion, and Keith thinks that Cruz is responsible for it. Gina goes to see Cruz and offers to help him to save Santana by giving him information on Keith. But the telephone rings and Cruz learns that Keith has raised charges against Santana. He goes home and announces the deal which Gina offered. Brick unintentionally enters Lily's place and finds her smoking and drinking some beer. Lily attempts to seduce him, but Brick pushes her back. In Boston, Dr Rawlings takes Courtney as a hostage. He explains that he had to kill Brian, because he had discovered that he practiced medicine without a licence. Courtney manages to make him drop his revolver, when a blow erupts. But nobody is hurt. Pearl recovers the weapon and asks Rawlings to continue destroying the brick wall with his bare hands. While the police arrive to arrest Rawlings, Pearl looks behind the wall: the place is empty. Courtney just finds one stick belonging to a dog. Rawlings thinks that the dog in the private hospital came to rescue Brian. At the same time, in an unknown flat, a dog comes to bring the newspaper to a man lying on his bed...

Last appearance in the series of Dr. Rawlings, and first appearance of Brian Bradford, for the moment with a hidden face.
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Episode 531

Keith introduces Gina to his grandmother as being his fiancée. He allows her to quieten down before she dies suddenly, on her bed. Keith finds an earring in her hand which he links to his sister's death. Keith tells Gina about his dead sister, and iterates his accusations against Cruz. Gina alerts Eden of the hate which Keith has towards Cruz. Lily and Brick have to confront one another about the casino on the occasion of a debate on the radio enlivened by Ted. Just before, Gina gives Brick information about Lily's father and his issues, so that he uses the information to weaken her. Brick accuses Lily of terrorising Amy. Lily pushes Brick to the limit and he leaves the studio during the debate. Alice learns that she should be able to leave the asylum. Pearl places an advertisement in the newspaper in the hope of finding his brother's trace that he thinks is alive. But Brian doesn't read the newspaper and uses it directly to light a fire in the chimney. Gina gives Sophia and C.C. their wedding present: a picture of C.C. and of a woman whose face isn't painted yet! Keith questions Sophia and C.C. about Kelly's escape. He accuses him of being a party to this event. Cruz goes to see Keith to announce his condolences regarding his grandmother. But Keith proves to be very aggressive towards him...

Last appearance in the series of Owen Coyle.
It will be necessary to wait for episode 583 before seeing Brian Bradford again in the series, played by Kyle Secor.

Episode 532

Ted disapproves of Hayley spending time with Lily. Nevertheless, she attends the meeting which Lily organises in guest house. Gina arrives to search for Hayley and demands that she goes back home. Cruz discovers that Eden is wearing the brooch of a flight attendant on her chest. He puts it in his box, where the second earring matching the one that Keith found at his grandmother's is. Cruz receives a call from Tori, his old girlfriend actress. He finds her in the Orient Express, where Tori tells him that she is going to act in a play in Santa Barbara. They allude to the anniversary of Keith's sisters death. From a distance, Keith sees Tori sitting at s table near him. At the beach house, Cruz looks in his box again...

First appearance in the series of Victoria Lane.
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Episode 533

Hayley participates in a demonstration for the closing of the casino. Ted learns that an accident occurred with one of the demonstrators and he is frightened that it is Hayley. Fortunately, she is safe and sound. Julia tries to dissuade Lionel from returning the ransom money to C.C.. She makes a proposal so that Lionel could buy back his home, but C.C. refuses. Seeing his reaction, Lionel finally decides to keep the money. Jane learns that her childminder's daughter is going to get out of the asylum. It is Alice. Jane's mother gave her 3 000 dollars to help her find a home. Courtney and Pearl ask C.C. to welcome Alice, but C.C. doesn't want to. Pearl then turns to Lionel. Lionel persuades the doctor caring for Alice that he will be able to take care of her. Everybody receives Alice's arrival in the Lockridge residence. But C.C. arrives and surprises them. Cruz accompanies Victoria to search for a flat to rent. Eden finds the earring in Cruz's box. She has it valued and discovers its important value. Cruz finds himself forced to tell her about Victoria. While Eden vacuum-cleans, they ring the door. Eden opens the door and finds Victoria...

Episode 534

Santana appears again in front of the judge. Considering that her criminal acts were influenced by a consumption of drug without her knowledge, the judge decides to raise charges against Santana. Gina makes a scandal in the court. Mason surprises Lily smiling. Later at home, he finds a bottle of alcohol. C.C. makes everybody in the Lockridge residence skedaddle. He decides to put the villa up for sale. Lionel welcomes Alice on his yacht. Courtney, disguised as a secretary, receives a visit at the villa by an estate agent. Pearl stumbles across this and makes a proposal to buy it back. But the agent insists that he meets his owner, C.C. Capwell. Eden is bothered to receive a visit from the actress Victoria Lane without having been able to get ready for it. She learns that she and Cruz saw each other again and that he helped her find a home next to them. Victoria and Cruz meet at Buzz's. Keith joins them at the table, and reminds them of the anniversary of the death of his sister. He promises to them to take his revenge...

Jane, who was present at the Lockridge mansion at the end of the previous episode, mysteriously disappeared from the villa at the beginning of this episode.

Episode 535

Hayley and Ted argue about Lily, for whom Hayley begins liking her. Gina slaps Lily after she insults her. Lily responds by a punch to the full face, witnessed by Mason. Both women begin fighting in the guest house, and Mason intervenes to separate them. Facing C.C., Lionel pretends not to appreciate to see the Lockridge villa going to the hands of Pearl. C.C. accepts the sale if Pearl leaves his service and if he doesn't sell the Lockridge villa. Julia suggests that Pearl sells the villa to her, as she has no Lockridge name. So, Lionel savours his victory to find his property. Ted goes to see Lily and thinks she is half undressed, waiting for Mason. Gina tries to entice Mason by reminding him of their times of intimacy spent together. She cancels the reservation which Lily made in the Orient Express and reserves a table for her and Mason. But when both women arrive and begin squabbling, Mason, sitting in the bar, hears them. He slips away, leaving Gina alone to have dinner, at the great pleasure of Lily...

Episode 536

Lionel announces to Minx that he bought back the Lockridge residence. Minx goes back to the home and bursts into tears. Buzz's bar is encircled with angered demonstrators who claim the closing of the casino. Some come back indoors to insult Amy. Gina and Lily both wear sunglasses to hide their eyes. Gina sends for journalists to tell them how Lily hit her. Sophia paints her portrait on the incomplete picture which Gina gave them for her marriage. As she asked for it, Mason brings Eden information on Victoria: after he said goodbye the evening of her departure of the city by air, Cruz had a serious motorbike accident on his return home and had to be hospitalised for a little while. Sophia visits Victoria. She investigates her personality discreetly for Eden. Lily tries to get closer to Mason. But Mason dissuades her from trying to kiss him. Eden welcomes Victoria in the Orient Express. She mentions the motorbike accident where Cruz was a victim, and discovers that Tori was unaware of this. Cruz joins Victoria's table and they speak about this accident. Eden remains hidden behind them and spies on their discussion...

We learn that Minx spent all these last weeks with Amy and Brick at the Perkins house !
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Episode 537

Keith has a listening device installed on Cruz's personal telephone. Everybody hurries up for the first show with Victoria at the theatre. Courtney leaves her place on the balcony after the first act to join Pearl. She is unsettled due to the fact that Pearl doesn't love her as she would like him to. She offers to be simple friends, whom Pearl accepts in succession, in his big despair. Jane and Nick accompany Alice to the theatre, then to the reception which follows at the Orient Express. Nick takes Alice's pictures in the tail coats. Eden proves to be very jealous of the previous relationship between Victoria and Cruz. She has a double fabricated earring which Cruz had made make for Tori. While Victoria receives the applauses from her fans in the Orient Express, Eden makes her appearance with earrings in her ears...

Episode 538

At Buzz's, Amy is once again harassed by Lily's demonstrators who claim the closing of the casino. Jane comes to her rescue, and criticises Hayley for accompanying these violent supporters. Amy asks C.C. to return Brick to the casino before a misfortune arrives. In the Orient Express, Victoria is confused to see Eden carrying her earrings. Cruz criticises Eden for acting as a child and asks her to take them off. Eden apologises to Victoria. Keith explains to Gina that the earring which he keeps with him was found near his sister the day of her death. Cruz learns that Angel Ramirez was arrested and that Gina's name was found in his clients' book. Cruz thinks that Gina could have bought the drugs used for Santana from him. Gina is called by Cruz to the police station and pretends to know nothing about it. Victoria invites Pearl to her lodge. Eden goes there. She reassures herself by thinking that Victoria and Cruz have no more feelings for each other. Until Victoria tells her that all things considered, she doesn't intend to return to Los Angeles, but to stay in Santa Barbara...

First reappearance of Angel Ramirez since episode 437.
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Episode 539

Amy is scared by the demonstrators who have come to encircle her home and throwing bricks across her windows. Brick, Jane and Ted come to her rescue and scare off the demonstrators. Jane and Ted try once again to reason with Hayley, but she makes them understand that she isn't their friend. Lily tries once again to kiss Mason, but he turns away at the last minute. Victoria has a car accident on the road of the airport, while she thought of a romantic memory with Cruz. Cruz joins her on the track of take-off where they had parted five years earlier. Cruz makes her understand that his future is with Eden. Keith uses Cruz's absence to close a deal with Angel. He releases him on a pretext of an error of procedure. When he learns this news, Cruz thinks of giving his resignation. But he changes mind and sends his fist to Keith in the face...

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