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Episode 1140

Gina wants to accompany Sonny to the funeral ceremony of Adriana. He keeps her from it, but tells her that on his return, she will have to give him an answer to the proposal because, when the time expires, his proposal will not be valid any more. Julia arrives ahead of time at Father Michael's chapel. She gives him a bunch of flowers intended to decorate the chapel for the ceremony. Michael, who doesn't know what to say during the ceremony, has a small argument with Julia because he does not agree with her about the feelings that are felt during the loss of a child. Julia goes out of the chapel angry. At the Castillo's, Cruz finds it difficult to get ready. Eden is on the floor when Carmen arrives. Cruz does not say a word, but his mother gets closer to him and ties his tie. Cruz ends up telling her that he does not want to go to the ceremony, because he cannot say goodbye to his daughter, and he confesses to bear a grudge not to have found her soon enough. He thinks that he would not have to stalk Zack for weeks, but to search his daughter. Carmen lets her son speak and confesses to him that it may have been Adriana's turn to go to God.  Cruz loses his temper, but they finish in the arms of one another. In the Capwell residence, C.C. is locked up in the office and paces up and down between the chair and the window. He does not cease looking at the hour. Ted ends up joining him and they remain both sitting without speaking, waiting for the instant to leave. Sophia is in her hotel room with Kelly. Everybody is then in the chapel. Celeste, who knows how they feel, is feeling concerned thinking that her presence would be displaced, arrives also and sits at the back. Michael begins his lecture. Gina, still at home, speaks with Bunny. She confesses to him that she would have liked to go to funeral, and Bunny tells her that she should go there if she wishes. He insists however that it is him whom she should marry, and not Sonny. Bunny ends up leaving and Gina falls asleep on his sofa. She has a strange dream and is on a television set. Bunny, dressed as a woman, welcomes a psychologist who wrote a book on women's indecision and on propensity that some have to make bad choices in their life. The host then calls her other guest supposed to represent a typical case described in the book : Gina. Then a question follows surrounding the five marriages involving Gina, where she is attacked from everywhere and hissed by the public. Gina wakes up by waiting to answer the last question of psychoanalyst / Bunny :  "Who are going to choose you to be your next husband ?" Meanwhile, in the chapel, Michael ends his lecture. He then asks if anybody else wants to speak. Seeing that no volunteer comes up, Ted gets up and tries to bring words of consolation to his sister and his brother-in-law. However, he finds it difficult to find his words and sits down again. Eden gets up in her turn. She thanks everybody for being there, points out that everything was beautiful, the flowers, and that this day will forever be engraved in her memory. Then, she starts to cry and leaves. Cruz follows her and they go home. At his return, Gina announces to Sonny that she accepted to marry him. Carmen comes to bring Chip to Eden and Cruz. But it is in fact a misunderstanding. By coming back home, she found a message on the answering machine saying that it was necessary that she takes Chip to Cruz's to be babysat. However, Cruz had taken this girl to the ceremony. Carmen wants to leave again, and apologises for the misunderstanding. However, Eden takes the small boy in her arms and apologises for not having given him time this last week. She decides that Chip's place is with his father and that he is going to stay with his family from now on. Catherine offers Adriana to her new mother...
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First reappearance of Kelly since episode 1122.
Appearance during Gina's dream of the famous and media American psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers.
In the United States, the opening and ending credits theme is replaced by the canticle Amazing Grace. Abroad, it is replaced by the musical theme written especially at the occasion of Adriana's funeral.

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Episode 1141

Cruz dreams about the cave where Adriana came into the world and hears Zack's voice telling him that the child is still alive. Once awakened, Cruz drives Eden to the Capwell residence and leaves without telling her where he is going. Sonny, who came to announce to C.C. his imminent marriage with Gina, takes the time to converse with his sister. The emotion which he feels then makes him become Mason again, for a moment. Back at Gina's, he is surprised in the room by a falling picture. Gina and Bunny run up, alerted by the noise. Bunny discovers that a bullet was shot outside. The shooter is in fact an old man, acting probably for Uncle Mario. Brandon has an appointment with Anisa in a video playroom. On advice from Bunny, he decides to let her win, but Anisa proves to be stronger than him. In the hospital, Heather and Scott look after the baby Chelsea, a victim of a fever of unknown origin. To encourage Eden to recover, C.C. offers for her to go to Paris with Kelly. The night arrives, Cruz is sitting down in the cave where he thinks of Adriana when, suddenly, he has a vision of his daughter right in the middle of the water in the cave...

Episode 1142

In the cave, Cruz finds a small stone marked with a sun where Adriana's face had appeared in the water. He recognises this mark as being her birth mark. Eden ends up being persuaded by C.C. to leave for Paris with Kelly. Scott, as well as Celeste, accept an invitation in a high school reunion. At first reserved, Scott ends up deciding to go there. In the bar, Sonny is again on the point to be taken over by the same old man as before. Fortunately, the gun shot has saved his life. Bunny however prefers asking his uncle Mario to break the contract which he had on Sonny's head. Julia once again suffers the threats of Mark Driscoll, the Justice Minister, who suspects her of being involved in the disappearance of the proof against the Capwell firms. With Michael having surprised their discussion, Julia fears that he has discovered the truth on the blackmail victim of which she was. She asks Sonny to never reveal to Michael the terms of their arrangement. Upon Cruz's return, Eden announces their departure, envisaged in the evening - even. But Cruz tells he prefers staying in Santa Barbara, while encouraging her to leave to relax. He accompanies her to the airport and wishes her a good trip...

Last (very furtive) appearance of Kimberly McArthur in the role of Kelly Capwell. It will be necessary to wait for episode 1172 before seeing Kelly again in the series, under the features of Carrington Garland.
It is also the last appearance before this same episode 1172 of Marcy Walker, before the actress gives birth to her son in real life.

Episode 1143

Julia and Augusta learn from the newspaper about the marriage of Gina and Mason. Michael is seen offering Gina to be the priest who unites her marriage. He ends up accepting provided that the couple visits him in anticipation to display their motivations. Old Lyle is still watching Sonny. He has a submachine gun and waits for him in an alleyway at the exit of the bar. He gets ready to draw his gun when Bunny comes into sight and urges Sonny to leave the place, using the presence of Dolly Parton in the city as an excuse. Again upset, Lyle drops his submachine gun which starts to pull all alone on the floor! In the Clinic, Celeste and Scott are surprised to see off-loading Roger Ellroi, an old friend from high school. He goofs in front of Heather by congratulating Scott with having married his fiancée from high school. Heather fears what she will still have to learn about Scott and Celeste during the high school reunion. C.C. offers to Cruz to build a new pediatric wing in the hospital of Santa Barbara which will have Adriana's name. But Cruz asks him to wait. He is indeed very concerned by the bright visions which he has of his daughter. Heather gives him the details of an associate likely to help him. After some tests, Dr Sean Morrissey suggests Cruz remain asleep in his laboratory while his dreams will be recorded via some electrodes put on the skull. While the experience is under way, a mysterious woman enters the room and goes up slowly to Cruz, who is fully asleep...

First appearance in the series of Sandra Mills and Dr. Sean Morrissey.
Stephen Lee, who plays Roger Ellroi, will come back in 1991 to play another character, Dr. Moose Barthell.

Episode 1144

For Dr Sean Morrissey, Cruz showed no sign of significant visions during his sleep. Julia goes to Heather and asks her questions on the effects of schizophrenia. As Gina had already come to question her about this subject some months before, Heather thinks that Julia is referring to Brandon. Julia understands that Gina knows about Mason's illness. Gina is worried not to see Sonny. He was in fact taken to a warehouse by Bunny. Brandon, following Bunny, succeeds in finding his trace. But he hesitates to release him from his ties. Lyle continues to try to get rid of Sonny by fabricating a bomb which he hides in a basket of flowers which Gina leaves in his living room. Gina then accepts Julia's visit who pretends to be very knowledgeable on Mason's dual personality. Gina sees there is no substance and allows to Julia to confirm her suspicion on this subject. Having refused to go to the high school reunion with Roger Ellroi, Celeste asks Michael to accompany her there. In the Lair where this gathering takes place, Heather quickly grows tired of seeing all old friends of Scott imagining that he is currently married to Celeste. The idea of the party is the reconstruction of Celeste's and Scott's nomination as queen and king of St Valentin of the class 1979. Accompanied by Carmen and Chip, Cruz goes to the airport, deciding to join Eden in Paris. But while he gets ready to leave, he is questioned by a woman who tells him she has seen his daughter...

Last appearance of Bryce and Evan Woolley in the role of Chip Castillo. It will be necessary to wait for episode 1218 before seeing Chip again in the series, under the features of Brandon Farmer.
A freeze-frame shows the details concerning Gina and Sonny's wedding ceremony : it is supposed to occur on February 17 1989 at 1 p.m., at St Anthony Chapel.

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Episode 1145

The woman who kept Cruz in the airport is named Sandra Mills and she is a kind of clairvoyant. She tells Cruz that she has had visions of Adriana and proves her powers by speaking about the small stone marked with the birth mark of the baby. Julia finds Sophia, C.C. and Ted in the Orient-Express and tells them her suspicion concerning the confusion from which Mason suffers. Gina forces Brandon to confess where Sonny is. She goes to the shed with Bunny. Mad with anger against Bunny, she asks him to pack his suitcases and to leave her home in the evening - even. Bunny complies, not before having deactivated the bomb hidden in the basket of flowers by watering it copiously! In The Lair, Heather, weary of the party, asks Michael to walk back her home. Meanwhile, Celeste and Scott recollect the party of St Valentin 1979, two years earlier to the day. It is in fact in the evening when Scott announced to Celeste that he was leaving to follow his studies of medicine on the East Coast and that he was compelled for various reasons to become established there alone for two years. Celeste, in spite of her love for Scott, had then preferred breaking up. Scott speaks to her about a letter which he had written her back then offering to marry him so that she could join him at university. Celeste tells Scott that she had never received this letter. Both then realise the bad fate which they had suffered. In spite of the advances from T.J., present at the party, Celeste decides to go back home, accompanied with Michael. Back at Heather's, Scott reassures her of the love he feels for her. Cruz invites Sandra at home. He devotes himself to an experience with her to help him to receive Adriana's new visions. But this fails. Due to his absence, Cruz calls his colleague Ramon and asks him to enquire about Sandra...

Episode 1146

To help her with her visions, Cruz presents Sandra with the clothes covered with blood from Adriana which he had found in the home at the mountain. Sandra then enters into the spirit of Catherine, the baby-minder who took care of the child. She succeeds in seeing Adriana's face, discovers that Catherine speaks French, then pronounces in front of Cruz the first name of the baby-minder. Still under the impact of the revelations from the day before, Celeste makes the decision to resign from her secretary position in Scott and Heather's private hospital. But Scott manages to dissuade her from it. Gina and Sonny go to the chapel, to talk with Father Michael. It does not take a long time for him to understand that money alone motivates them to unite and ends up them guessing that they are both responsible for the break-in of the safe at the museum. Ted organises the bachelor party for Sonny in the bar. He hires a stripper who proves to be Wanda, who has come to replace the ill dancer. And this number from Wanda causes a fiasco and Ted is upset losing his respect for her. He then goes back to the bar and invites Gina to dance to leave the field free for Julia. Julia takes Sonny, completely intoxicated, outside the bar and tries to cajole him with her feelings to make him become Mason again. While she passes to the strong-arm tactics by slapping him, Mason re-emerges and begins embracing Julia. But Gina comes into sight and, by pushing Mason out of Julia's arms, falls. Both women squat to him, waiting to see which of his two personalities he is going to wake up as...

Episode 1147

Sandra has Catherine's new visions: she currently sees her driving Adriana by car across the desert. The policeman Ramon Fonseca brings Cruz the photos of the alleyway where the body of the baby was found. But Sandra prefers going there. There, she is definite : if a baby really died here, it is not Adriana. It is Sonny and not Mason who wakes up the following morning in Gina's bed. Gina goes to the chapel for the last preparations of marriage, but Michael tells her that he abandoned the idea of marrying them due to their absence of loving feelings. Thrown into confusion, Gina immediately calls another priest, a little unreliable hippy. Everybody is then in the church: Bunny, Augusta, Brandon and Anisa, Ted and Wanda, and especially Sophia and C.C., count on Julia to make Mason appear. Even old Lyle succeeds in discreetly getting into the chapel. C.C. uses the absence of Gina to try to make Mason understand how much he likes him. The personality of Mason is about to regain the upper hand when Gina comes into sight, who asks Sonny to go into exile in the neighbouring private hospital for the time when she is slipping on her wedding dress. Julia then grabs this last chance and, with Samantha, leaves to find Sonny. Again, she manages to make Mason appear, but a phone call from Gina makes Sonny's personality re-emerge. Sonny suddenly leaves Julia to begin the ceremony. While Gina has just pronounced her wishes, Bunny sees the cannon of a weapon out of an air vent and throws himself on Sonny. But he is too much late: the blow has already occurred and Sonny collapses in front of the altar...

Episode 1148

Everybody rushes besides Sonny, hit by the bullet. Before slipping into a coma, Mason just has the time to tell Julia that he loves her. He is then driven to the hospital, where he is put in intensive care. In the chapel, Bunny succeeds in intercepting Lyle DeFranco. Threatened by this one, he lets him get away, not without finding himself hurt by bullet in the hand. But in front of Ted, then Gina, he disclaims knowing the identity of the shooter. After a light feeling of faintness, Sandra asks Cruz to drive her to home in the desert where the childminder and Adriana were. There, while she refreshes herself under the shower, Sandra has Catherine's vision writing a letter. Cruz then finds a piece of the letter in a corner of the door. In the hospital in Santa Barbara, Gina refuses to let anyone in Mason's room. But Julia succeeds in entering there. Michael uses this time to ask Gina who Julia tried to protect by letting the proof in the affair of the rig go to waste. Gina tells Michael that it is about him. She ends up entering Mason's room when, with Julia, she is a witness of a sudden change of the heart rate of Mason...

Episode 1149

When Heather joins Scott in the hospital, she is surprised at seeing Celeste in full discussion with him. She loses her temper with her, accusing her of always being around Scott. She then questions Scott concerning his past with Celeste, notably about her relations with her father. Celeste, just, goes to her father to reconciliate. But he refuses to let her enter, telling her that a woman who walks the pavement cannot be his daughter. In the hospital, Julia confirms to Michael that Sonny's blackmail regarding the museum was to protect him. When she then comes to join him in the chapel, Julia surprises Michael confessing to his bishop that it made love with a woman. While everybody thinks Mason is unconscious, he in fact sees a supernatural experience by flying off to heaven. Driven by Bunny distorted as Joan Crawford, he is introduced to God. He shows Mason his life in pictures the rather negative balance sheet of his life, accusing him for having spoilt all his chances. While he gets ready to exile him on a cloud, God gives him a last chance by allowing him to join the woman who taught him what love is "Angel ". Bunny drives Mason up to the cloud n°9 where he is welcomed, in the middle of the fog, by Mary in person...

First reappearance, the time of two episodes, of Mary DuVall since episode 499.
Anybody could pretend to play God in this episode. This is why it is Brian Frons, vice-president of NBC daytime programs, who appeared himself in this episode (the end credits describes him like this : "NBC vice president daytime programming, an actual Network Executive").
The French channel TF6 liking surprises, and especially the badest ones, the first half of this episode was replaced by the one of episode 1194.