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Episode 1110

Julia invites Mason to have dinner for Christmas Eve. They then go the Mass of Noël de Michael. But Mason, on the point of leaving his place for Sonny, leaves Julia hurriedly before the strike of midnight. He just asks her to keep the memories of him and the evening. Brandon, still in a coma, continues his biblical dreams. All his friends and his family are united around Cruz and Eden. Mary has just brought the child Jesus into the world. In reality, Eden and Cruz, dressed in clothes of Mother and Santa, distribute the presents on the magical sleigh of Kris Kingle. On their return, Kris gives them a precious stone which allows them to grant a wish. Eden has the idea of going to the hospital and of asking for the return of Brandon. Brandon wakes up immediately, with all his family united around his bed. Eden and Cruz take off suddenly in the corridors of the hospital and reappear on a monitor on board of their sleigh, just in time for Cruz to wish merry Christmas to all...

Kris Kringle will reappear in the series in the episodes of Christmas 1990.
The opening and ending credits themes are modified in this
Christmas episode. And it is in front of a picture of Julia's living room decorated for holidays that appears the ending credits.

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Episode 1111

Eden offers to Cruz a wagon of the Orient Express in miniature and Cruz offers her an engraved jewel. At Johnny's Place, Michael encourages Celeste to change her way-of-life, but she doesn"t want to listen to him. A few moment after Michael's departure, a man approaches Celeste and proposes to rent her services. When Celeste gives him the price, the man shows her his policeman's badge and stops it. In the cell, she discusses "big love" with Rachel, another prostitute, when Michael finally arrives to pay her bail for release. Celeste then goes by the private hospital close to Michael's parish and seems to recognise Scott at the entrance. Bunny receives a letter from his uncle Mario who puts him in frenzy. He explains to Gina that his uncle wants to see him married as quickly as possible. Bunny then offers Gina to get engaged to him for the time to tranquilize his uncle. Cruz drives Jack to the warehouse where Julia had been held. Jack seems up to date on many details, but goofs by saying that he raped Julia. Cruz accepts Heather's idea of hypnotising Jack to find out how he knows about some of the details of the kidnapping. Jack reveals to have got into contact with the real rapist and to know his face...

Episode 1112

Jack starts to panic in the hypnotic state. But he continues saying that these last days he always felt a man spying on him continuously. He still remembers a day spent in the hospital, dressed in a doctor's green gown, then a night, to have been given shoes from him. Sophia announces to C.C. that she has the intention of leaving for Europe for six months for business after the birth of Eden and Cruz's baby. Kelly tells her parents that she started a procedure of divorce. She decides finally to speak about it to Jeffrey, who moreover begins re-walking with the aid of crutches. It however does not prevent the newspapers from announcing the divorce in question already. T.J., who reads the news, decides to speed up the implementation of the plan and puts Jeffrey in a test. Scott learns by post that the home of his parents finally has a purchaser. He goes back to it for the last time to remember and again sees hard instants of his childhood with his parents. Diane invites Zack to have dinner at home and begins embracing him. Zack asks her to be more patient, but agrees however to spend the night with her. While in the hospital, a gloved hand has just exchanged a syringe intended for Jack, Zack is surprised standing by Diane, in the middle of the living room, while he has just taken off his clothes in a great hurry. He uses a phone call as an excuse from the hospital to go back to bed with her. In Jack's hospital room, some minutes after his injection, Jack dies of a heart attack...

Last appearance in the series of Jack Russell.

Episode 1113
Première diffusion en France : les 23 et 26 mars 2001 sur TF6

Julia learns from Sonny that she is in possession of new evidence in the affairs at the oil rig. Sonny then asks C.C. to occupy Julia at Johnny's while he goes to the office to search for the evidence. It is in fact a document guarding against danger incurred by the employees of the rig which C.C. had accepted from a specialist in 1980.  But Julia, in her office discovers that Sonny had been there searching for files. Mario Tagliatti, Bunny's uncle, comes to visit his nephew. As planned, he introduces Gina as his fiancée. But the arrival of very demonstrative Sonny towards Gina puts an end to the production. Bunny ends up confessing to his uncle that he is not engaged to Gina, the woman whom he loves. He promises him to have given up dressing up as a woman. Michael suspects Celeste's pimp of being at the origin of her black eye. In spite of her protests, he goes to the man in question, Bobby Littlejohn, and does not hesitate to hit him when he begins teasing him. Some minutes later, a policeman comes to stop Michael for grievous bodily harm in the presence of his bishop.  But Julia succeeds in dissuading the pimp from lodging a complaint. Celeste thanks Michael for having wanted to help her, but wants to cover Bobby. She ends up confessing that the man who hit her is in fact her father. Zack and Diane finally decide to make love. But Zack has a sexual breakdown and, bothered, he leaves Diane. Gina accepts a call from the private detective she hired telling her that he found Keith's trace in Peroloco, Mexico. Gina decides to go there. In a dark room, a man looks at the television set where Eden's face appears. This man's face then appears: it is Zack...

First appearance in the series of Mario Tagliatti.
Joe Restivo, who plays Bobby Littlejohn in this episode, has already played another character in the series, detective Reynolds.
The identity of the video rapist is therefore finally revealed to the public. But it is true that the last scenes of the previous episode already highlighted Zack's guilt...

Episode 1114

Celeste explains to Michael that her father beat her because he discovered she was a prostitute. She decides to use the New Year to change her life and in the evening goes on the beach with Michael, to burn her sexy clothes. Michael offers to accompany her shopping for clothes, to buy new dresses. Julia joins them there and cannot help pointing out that Celeste is apparently very tied to Michael. Ted introduces his parents to his new friend that he met the day before in The Lair: Wanda Berkowski, a cinema fanatic. To celebrate the New Year, C.C. organised a dinner surprise in a train for all his family and rented costumes for each of them. T.J. goes to Jeffrey and tells him that this is the moment to get rid of Kelly, by throwing her out of the train in motion. Jeffrey is forced to accept his plan. All the Capwell family, except for Mason, leaves on board of a train luxuriously decorated towards the mountains of the Sierra. But after some hours, the train is stopped by an avalanche. Jeffrey is surprised in a corridor by T.J., who snuck onboard. Suddenly, Eden feels pain which is getting more and more closer to the last incidence. Cruz urgently calls a helicopter to take her to the hospital in Santa Barbara...

First appearance in the series of Wanda Berkowski.
The end credits appears on the fireworks that C.C. organised outside the train.

Episode 1115

The helicopter finally arrives and Eden and Cruz rush to go aboard. In the train, C.C. makes Sophia happy by having invited her favourite singer, Michael Feinstein. While he tried to get Kelly drunk, Jeffrey pulls himself together and decides to leave her. He fights with T.J. who pushes a badly locked door of the train in motion. Nobody in the train had the time to discover that T.J. was aboard and everybody celebrates passage with joy in the New Year. In the hospital in Santa Barbara, Scott uses an instant of respite to invite Heather to a meal with candles in the rest room. At the time of dessert, he gives her a ring and offers to marry him. In his den, Zack continues being delirious about Eden. As she does not answer his phone calls, he decides to take revenge on another woman. Some instants later, while she comes back home, Diane discovers a camera placed in the middle of her living room.  Thrown into panic, she escapes towards the door and is then surprised by Zack, dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, who drags her to the camera. Because of an accident further to the storm, the helicopter with Eden and Cruz is forced to land in the middle of the mountains. Cruz takes Eden up to a cave where they both discover Indian rock paintings representing the birth of a child. While Eden's labour pain gets more and more intense, the shadow of a mysterious Indian seems to look after the protection of the couple in front of the entrance of the cave...

Appearance of Michael Feinstein in his own part, who plays the piano and sings for Sophia My Favourite Year, Isn't It Romantic and Our Love is Here to Stay.
Martin Grey, who in this episode plays Jim the helicopter pilot who leads Eden and Cruz to the hospital, played the role of Bobby in 1985, a friend of Brick Wallace's.
The end credits, very well done, unites photos of couples who marked the series this year. In the order of their appearance : Eden and Cruz, Julia and Mason, Gina and Keith, Sophia and C.C., Augusta and Lionel, Heather and Scott, Hayley and Ted, and finally Andrea and Cain. Surprisingly, Kelly is present on any pictures. The song which accompanies it is Isn't It Romantic, by Michael Feinstein.

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Episode 1116

In the cave, Cruz helps Eden to give birth to a small girl. They finally manage to leave for Santa Barbara and arrive at the hospital where very quickly Sophia, C.C., Kelly and Ted join them. Eden and Cruz announce to the family the name which they chose for their child: Adriana, as was the name of her two grandmothers. Sophia and C.C. are delighted to become new grandparents. To end well this night of New Year's Eve dinner, Sophia agrees to spend the night with C.C. in the Capwell residence. Heather asks Scott to give her a few days to think about his wedding proposal. Scott is of course disappointed and tries to influence her decision. Diane manages to get to the hospital, an injured woman and still under the impact after the rape. Heather finds it difficult to face up to the situation and cracks. Zack ends up joining them and tries to comfort Diane. He is however still unsettled by the crime which he has just committed and, behind the window of their room, keeps an eye on Eden, Cruz and the baby...

First appearance in the series of Adriana Castillo.
From this episode, Randy Vasquez replaces Gerardo Mejia in the role of Ramon Fonseca.

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Episode 1117

Sophia and C.C. wake up in the early hours in the same bed and are delighted with the glow by the new link. Carmen, Victoria, Julia then Michael arrive in turn to meet Adriana in the hospital. Zack offers to Eden to perform tests of fatherhood by comparing the blood of Adriana, of Cruz and of the rapist. He asks Adele, his colleague in charge with the tests, to announce the results to nobody else than him. Julia informs Cruz that a new rape occurred and meets Diane, who testifies for the first time. She suddenly recognises the smell of the rapist when she smells a disinfecting soap used by the personnel of the hospital. Julia confirms that her attacker also had this smell. Celeste loses heart not to find a job. Michael then drives her to the private hospital Alvarado where he knows that Heather and Scott are in search of a switchboard operator in the reception. Heather, hardly wastes time to hire her. Celeste ends up meeting Scott who proves to be an old friend from high school. In the hospital, Zack is furious when he learns that the results of the tests of fatherhood were given to Cruz without his permission. In Eden's room, Cruz opens the envelope and reads the results: he is definitely the father of Adriana...

Episode 1118

Heather announces to Scott that she decided to marry him. Scott then organises a romantic dinner with candles on the roof of the private hospital. Celeste, a little thrown into confusion by this news, learns from Michael that she was evicted from her flat. Michael offers to accommodate her at home for the night. Sonny wants to reconciliate with Julia, but she doesn't want to hear about it. She is indeed persuaded that it is Mason who searched for the files. Sonny urges to inform C.C. of Julia's accusations. C.C., decides to make Kelly happy who discovers that her parents spent the night together. Sophia decides to redevelop the Capwell residence. But she overhears a discussion between Sonny and C.C. where C.C. declares his intention of making Julia hush up by every possible means. Disappointed to note that, in spite of his promises and his seductiveness, C.C. did not change, Sophia announces her intention of leaving him definitely and leaves the residence. It is also the time of goodbyes for Kelly and Jeffrey who sign papers for their divorce. Kelly insists that they remain good friends, but Jeffrey, disillusioned, leaves in the evening - for Zurich. He leaves their home alone, suitcase in hand...

Last appearance in the series of Jeffrey Conrad.
Mason, who was away during the new year holidays, reappears without his beard !

Episode 1119

Julia has a big spring clean-out to try to forget Mason and finds the tape of his answering machine that Augusta had sat on which was on the sofa. She discovers a message from Sonny which invites her to join him on the beach to spend the afternoon with Samantha. She accepts the invitation immediately. Augusta uses this time to go to the chapel, to return father Michael's locket to him and to question why it was at Julia's. Questioned then by Michael, Julia supposes that he had voluntarily kept the locket in memory of their night together. Michael prefers giving it to her. Scott ends up confessing to Heather that he was Celeste's boyfriend at secondary school. He then drives her to the home of Frank Santino, his old coach, and offers to buy his home. Heather accepts, first of all to please Scott. Ted goes to the hospital and, together with Wanda, has a good time making a small film on Eden, Cruz and Adriana. Zack proves to be nervous when he accepts the visit from the first lieutenant Boswell, come to question him about his alibis for the days of the rapes. In spite of the surveillance of Ramon in front of the nursery of the hospital, Zack succeeds in entering the room and goes up to Adriana whom he touches delicately with his hand...
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