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Episode 1
First airdate in the United States : July 30 1984 on NBC
First airdate in France : October 14 and 15 1985 on TF1

Santa Barbara, July 30th, 1979. In the Capwell residence, a reception is being held in honour of Channing Jr, one of the off-spring of powerful C.C.. Accepting a note inviting him to go to the office, Channing Jr leaves the guests and enters the room when somebody fires at him. Five years later, Joe Perkins is released from prison for good behaviour. In the Capwell residence, where the engagement of Kelly Capwell and of her partner Peter Flint is being celebrated, it is disappointment that C.C. and his elder son Mason feel learning that the man imprisoned for the murder of Channing Jr was released and is getting ready to return to Santa Barbara. The announcement of this news by television on the contrary excites Marisa and Jade Perkins, the mother and sister of Joe. They get ready to welcome Joe home, in spite of little enthusiasm from John, the father. Ted, the brother of Channing Jr, avoids the celebration of his sister's engagement to find his childhood-friend, Laken Lockridge. At the same time, Minx, Laken's grandmother, asks the police to intervene at the Capwell place to turn down the sound of music, by pretending to be inconvenienced.  The celebration however comes to an end when the engaged couple leave their family and friends to go aboard a helicopter. A mysterious character with long red nails seems also concerned about Joe's return and requests two henchmen to prevent him from joining the city. Manhandled in the coach station, Joe however succeeds in getting to the coach bound for Santa Barbara. Under way, he rethinks his happy years when he shared a love enthralled with the young person Kelly. He is however interrupted in his memories by both criminals who, from their car, pull the coach over to the side of the road. Fortunately, nobody is hurt and the coach arrives finally at the destination. At the coach station of Santa Barbara, a crowd shares their opposition about Joe's return. Some metres from there, Santana Andrade, the daughter of the Capwell's instructor, waits for Joe with a weapon in her hand. At the same time when Joe goes out of the coach, the helicopter with Kelly and Peter inside flies over the railway station. In spite of the distance, Kelly and Joe seem to succeed in a gaze...

First appearance in the series of C.C. Capwell, Mason Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Ted Capwell, Minx Lockridge, Augusta Lockridge, Laken Lockridge, Rosa Andrade, Santana Andrade, Danny Andrade, John Perkins, Marisa Perkins, Joe Perkins, Jade Perkins, Philip and Peter Flint.
Rick Fitts, who plays one of both henchmen in this episode, will come back as from episode 1047 to replace temporarily Wendell J. Grayson in the role of Lieutenant Vic Boswell.

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Episode 2

At the railway station, Joe is welcomed by his mother and sister who bring him back home. Santana, surprised by Rosa, her mother, drops her revolver on the floor. Mason, who is surprised by this gesture, tries to find out why she would want to attempt to kill the supposed murderer of her stepbrother. But Santana tells her mother in confidence: that she secretly loved Channing Jr, before his death, and that she was pregnant by him. In Acapulco, she gave birth to a son she was forced by C.C. Capwell to leave by giving him up for adoption. Off-loaded from the helicopter at the beach, Kelly and Peter are driven to board a superb yacht where they will share some days of intimacy. And yet after the event of the day, Kelly finds it very difficult to fix her attention on Peter. The mysterious woman with the long red nails proves to be Augusta Lockridge, Laken's mother. She almost surprises her daughter in brave company with Ted, with him just having time to hide under Laken's bed before Augusta enters the room. But Minx is not fooled by the surprised visit of the young man in the Lockridge residence. At the Perkins residence, John takes it out on Joe whom he accuses of being responsible for the state of distress and of poverty that this couple has known for five years. With his loyalty towards C.C., his employer, John prefers leaving the family home, with a suitcase in his hand, and the big despair of his wife...

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Episode 3

Mason hopes that witnesses saw Santana with her weapon the day before, in the coach station. But it seems very quickly that it is only an excuse to get closer to her, when he makes her believe that he succeeded in removing the charges against her in one phone call. Rosa, who is very angry with C.C., cannot help revealing to him that she knows everything about Santana's baby. On the beach of Santa Barbara, Danny, the brother of Santana, tries to make his place in Jade's heart. Finding it very difficult to compete with the muscles of the rescuer in the sea Warren Lockridge, he decides to go on a spectacular flight in a hang-glider. Its landing does not interest Jade but interests a cinema agent who passed at that time and offers him to commit a second act for the filming of a movie. It is by the newspaper that Joe learns about Peter's and Kelly's engagement, he still loves Kelly. He decides to find her, he goes on the harbour where from he spies with his binoculars a part of the hip in a bikini of nice Kelly on his yacht...

First appearance in the series of Warren Lockridge.

Episode 4

It does not take Kelly a long time to notice Joe on the harbour. Peter makes her go back inside the yacht, while she begins panicking. C.C., accompanied with his henchmen, gets them to throw Joe into the water, not without threatening him. Santana surprises Mason, by staying in his flat, he watches her undressing in his bathroom. She later has confirmation that no charges were ever brought against her, as Mason had told her. Decided to go back to the past, Santana goes to the Capwell residence, where she tries to enter Channing Jr's room. But she is interrupted in her act by C.C., who recommends that she forget these bad memories. Santana then waits to be alone to overhear a phone call to Gina, whom asks for news on a little boy named Brandon. Having met in The Mesa, Augusta who pretends not to know him, Joe goes back home. There an explosion welcomes him, caused by a bomb in a car planted by an unknown person. Marisa, who was inside the home, stays one instant under the impact. A mysterious man goes up to the gazebo and, later by the hedge, spears Joe an invitation to a party later. In the disused warehouse where an appointment was fixed, Joe finds the man in question hidden in shadow. He tells Joe that he believes in his innocence and he is ready to help him to find the truth...

First appearance in the series of Dominic.

Episode 5

John, who discovers damage caused at home by the bomb, is taken to see Joe whom he considers to be representative. Joe prefers moving away in an instant from this different family to find for the second time his mysterious ally, who says he is called Dominic. Thanks to him, Joe begins remembering the presence of a guest the evening of the murder which would have been witness of the act. He then goes to The Mesa, where he bumps into Augusta again. Danny, who performed in front of the cameras of a film director on the beach of Santa Barbara, asks his parents for permission to leave to attract adventure with his friends in Hollywood. After some hesitancy, Rosa and Ruben end up giving in to his request. Santana, who planned to leave this day - to Acapulco on the trace of her past, accepts the visit from Mason more seductive than ever. C.C., with his big generosity, gives Peter the direction of the Capwell hotel. Arrived at his new office, Peter accepts Joe's visit who accuses him of having left the bomb at his parents place. He then phones him anonymously, using a break-in at his home as an excuse, to make him leave Kelly for a moment. Peter just leaves and Joe already joins Kelly on the Capwell yacht and finally faces her...

First appearance in the series of Ruben Andrade and Veronica Gayley. It will be necessary to wait for episode 29 before seeing her again.

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Episode 6

Joe tries to make Kelly listen to him telling her that he is innocent of her brother's murder and that he has always loved her. But Kelly refuses to listen to him, when Peter arrives; he has guessed that something was wrong. In spite of the threat with his gun, Peter is pushed by Joe, who succeeds in running away after the shouting from Kelly. Ted gets permission from his father to also leave for Hollywood. He announces the good news to Danny. Danny would like to impress Warren, still trying to win the heart of Jade. Less chance on the side of Laken: her mother refuses to give her permission to leave the city as she would like to. But it does not prevent her from joining Ted in the guest house in the evening. On the plane to Acapulco, Santana recollects the birth of her son. C.C., who learnt about the irresponsible exploit of Mason's mouth, hastens to phone the doctor who undertook the delivery. He orders him to reveal nothing especially not to Santana. Joe has an appointment once again with Dominic in the disused warehouse. Wary in this respect by realising that he knows much more about it than he wants to say, he eyes him off with his revolver. With a gesture, Dominic pushes him and disappears in a shadow...

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Episode 7

Joe, at home accepts the visit from two policemen, sent by Mason, who have come to question him about the break-ins having taken place in neighbourhood the night before. And yet being with Dominic in the warehouse, Joe can give no valid alibi. Again, Marisa encourages her son to forget Kelly and to avoid problems so as the Capwells could talk to him. Arrived at the birthplace of her son in Acapulco, Santana is told by a nurse that her obstetrician, Dr Ramirez, is on holiday in Germany. Suspecting that it is a lie, she later anonymously phones the private hospital in search of the place where she will be able to find the famous doctor. She is pointed to a bar, where she immediately goes. But, in spite of his fancy dress, Dr Ramirez does not have enough time but to admit it to her. Ted and Danny, finally in Hollywood, become established in their new flat. In the daytime, they find a restaurant and organise a meeting with the agent who had pointed out Danny in Santa Barbara, but they are unsuccessful. Joe joins Kelly at the polo club where she was watching Peter play and delivers her the letters which he wrote to her whilst in prison. Peter, who sees this from a distance, falls down from a horse and finds himself savagely trampled on the ground by another animal. Joe, whom Kelly commanded to leave at the arrival of help, leaves again by car. He is then surprised to be welcomed whilst on the road by a man who, hidden on the back seat, shows a weapon...

Episode 8

Joe stops his car and discovers that it is Dominic who threatens him with a weapon. He encourages Joe to trust him more and to orientate his research at the Capwell residence, in Channing Jr's room. Joe detours towards the bar at the beach, where he helps his sister Jade, who was bailed up by a young man having rechristened her the "sister of the murderer Perkins". Joe brings her back home and recommends that she sail away outside the city for a while. Having gone to comfort Peter, confined to a bed at home after his accident, Kelly searches for Rosa to offer her consolation. Rosa recommends to her not to think of Joe anymore and to concentrate only on her future marriage with Peter. The day of the big reception then comes, C.C. organises in the honour, sharing with others, Mason's nomination to prosecutor's post. And yet by toasting, C.C. makes a blunder and names the first name of Channing there! Mason takes this confusion as an outrage and new proof of his father's preferential treatment for his dead stepbrother.  Meanwhile in Acapulco, Santana continues questioning Dr Ramirez. He promises to deliver her some secret information if she agrees to give in to his advances. Santana can only push him back and goes back to his hotel room. There, she phones the doctor and reveals to him that she recorded their discussion on a tape recorder some minutes earlier in the bar. Under threat with disclosing the way he goes about things, Dr Ramirez starts the admissions: it is C.C. Capwell who took the baby from Santana after the delivery, giving him to his new mother. Angry, Santana phones C.C., in full reception, and tells him that he will have to explain this when she returns the following morning...

First appearance in the series of Dr. Toni Carlin.

Episode 9

After some hesitancy, Kelly decides on burning the letters that Joe had written to her whilst in prison in the chimney of the room. But last minutes she recovers one that she reads with emotion. Arriving at Peter's flat, she is stopped by Joe who asks her to help him get into the Capwell residence. Of course, Kelly refuses while Peter, at the window of her room, overhears their discussion. Joe, back at home, recovers the plan of the rooms of the Capwell residence which Dominic meantime transmitted to him. After a lot of persuasiveness, Jade succeeds in persuading her father, then her mother, to let her leave for Hollywood. She announces this good news to Laken who uses it to reattempt her chance once again with her mother, in vain. So, in the daytime - even, Ted and Danny are surprised to see Jade in their Hollywood flat. Back in Santa Barbara, Santana tells Rosa about her discoveries concerning her son. She then comes to be confronted by C.C., who tells her that he has acted for the best for her at that time encouraging her to forget motherhood. He learns from her to be still in contact with the child. Santana tries to make herself heard, but their discussion is interrupted by an employee of C.C., come to inform him that one of his oil rigs has just blown up...