Tawny Richards




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Identity   Interpreter

Year of birth : 1969

Father : Harland Richards


Brother : Ric Castillo (half-brother)

Former known boyfriend : Ric Castillo (1990)


Julie St. Claire :
April 17 1990 (# 1441) to November 02 1990 (# 1582)


Young but confident and with a strong strength of character, Tawny Richards is initially the subject of an investigation led by Ric Castillo on a drug traffic which is rampant in Santa Barbara. Tawny is the daughter of the wealthy businessman Harland Richards, but without participating in the shady methods he practices. She lives bad above all her father's remarriage with Gretchen, a woman she hates, as a good spoiled daddy's girl. She rightly suspects her of having married her father only for his money.

Tawny quickly suspects that Ric's intentions towards her are suspicious. She even suspects him of being involved in the drug traffic. But their budding complicity allows Tawny to forgive Ric when she discovers that he get at first interested in her only for his investigation. Fallen in love with Ric, Tawny asks her father to find a job for him in his enterprises. Without knowing it, Tawny sends Ric becoming her father's spy beside the Blue Sky Brigade, an environmental organization that this latter fights. When Ric disappears one day, Tawny is concerned, but remains confident in her father despite arising doubts. However she ends up revealing Cruz Castillo that Ric works for her father.

When Ric reappears several days later, he tells Tawny that her father is dangerous and that she should be wary of him. Tawny realizes he is right when her father is arrested to have blown up the Blue Sky Brigade offices, causing the death of Nikki Alvarez. She saves him in any case from a sure death by preventing Michael Donnelly, Nikki's fiancÚ, to strangle her father out of revenge.

A last revelation finally awaits Tawny. Ric tells her shortly after that his mother told him he was the son of Harland, born of an adulterous affair kept secret for too long. Realizing that they are thus half-brother and sister, Tawny has no choice but to completely cut ties with Ric. She then disappears of the show, shocked and devastated.

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