Sasha Schmidt




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1990

Sister : Sydney Schmidt


Former known boyfriends : Anthony Tonell (1989), Mason Capwell (1989)

Profession : Singer


Michelle NiCastro :
September 28 1989 (# 1303) to May 04 1990 (# 1454)


The character of Sasha Schmidt appears a few days around the return of Mason Capwell after several weeks of absence far from his owns, in fall 1989. The pretty intriguer turns very quickly to have been the mistress of the elder of the Capwell children, during his investigation in Palm Springs on mafioso Anthony Tonell's plans. Sasha, at her arrival in Santa Barbara, had however presented another face : that of the mistress of the famous Anthony Tonell...

Sasha is thus found on several occasions in the center of Mason's investigations on the embezzlements that dangerous Tonell would be going to do against the Capwell Enterprises. Sasha refuses to cooperate, furious that Mason hid to her that he was married. But it is without counting on the jealousy of Tonell, who discovers her passed affair with Mason. He kidnaps her, just like Kelly Capwell, and threatens to kill her. But the affair turns badly and Tonell is mysteriously killed.

Not having from now on anything more to loose, Sasha is well decided to gain Mason's heart and to put a term at his marriage with Julia. Augusta Lockridge, who turns to have been during all this time Anthony Tonell's wife, is the first to discover the passed affair of Sasha with Mason. And even if Augusta does not say anything to her sister not to wound her, Julia is not long to see clearly what Sasha's game is.

In order to help Mason to confound Craig Hunt, Sasha agrees to play the investors in an illegal maritime project. But, whereas she is on the board of the incriminated boat, this one, trapped by Craig, explodes. Sasha is injured, but is comforted to see Mason running to her help, proposing to help her to leave the country to escape Craig's revenge. When she discovers that this proposal is only an alibi to get rid of her, Sasha sees her love for Mason changing in hate. She decides to take a revenge on Julia and creates of all parts some evidences accusing her in the boat explosion. Mason is thus constrained to accept Sasha's conditions : some money to invest in the club The Lair and to record her own disc, and to divorce Julia. Sure that Mason will comply with her waitings, Sasha does not suspect that this last one acknowledged in Julia the blackmail which threatens him. Sasha is then at her turn victim of a machination. In front of Julia who makes her believe that, mad of jealousy, she shot Mason, Sasha is forced to give her her falsified evidence, or she will undergo the same fate. She agrees to comply, but immediately discovers that she was abused by the couple and caught in her own trap.

Fearing for her life since she was taken as a target by Craig, Sasha decides one evening to tell all the truth on her intrigues to the district attorney Ethan Asher. It is unfortunately a bad choice, since it is the same evening that Laura, Ethan's wife, escapes from the asylum in which she was locked up, in order to kill her husband. The two women arrive in Ethan's office, it is dark, the bullet is shot, and Sasha is killed. It is then another adventure which starts for Sasha, at least regarding her carnal envelope. Initially deposited in Julia and Mason's bed by Laura, Sasha is then locked up in the Capwell crypt by Julia and Mason, before finally landing in their freezer the time that the mystery of her death is officially elucidated. In love, avenger, singer at her lost hours and finally frozen... A rebounding course for a character before all very impassioned.

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