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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Nun at Goleta convent      

Phyllis Frelich :
May 30 1988 (# 964) to August 18 1988 (# 1020)


Capital witness in the murder of Mark McCormick, Sister Sarah is a deaf and dumb nun, who officiates at the catholic mission directed by Father Michael Donnelly. In addition to her handicap, Sister Sarah seems to know many secrecies of the past. But of a fragile naturalness, she does not seem to have an enough strong personality to face them at day light. Moreover she turns to be the best friend of regretted Sister Mary DuVall, before she has broken her wishes to live her love for Mason Capwell.

In 1988, her way crosses that of Mason Capwell, while he investigates on the murder of Dr. McCormick. Mason very quickly realizes that Sister Sarah holds many secrets : in particular, she learns him that Mother Isabel, another nun also friend of Mary's, was killed in 1986. But unfortunately, before she could share with him the totality of her heavy burden, they are surprised by Michael, who forbids Mason to again discuss with her. Fearing she may say all that she knows, Sister Sarah is locked up in a cellar by Michael. And there, tormented by the secrets she knows, Sister Sarah ends up collapsing, overcome by tiredness and anxiety.

It is only after her suicide attempt (Julia Wainwright prevents her from jumping from the church), that Michael Donnelly agrees to help the nun. Initially, he makes the truth on Sarah Sister's secrecies : one fine night after having heard a shot, he found the dead body of Mark McCormick. At its sides was Sister Sarah, as well as a revolver. And in a second time, he gives his agreement so that she will rest at Julia's. There, the memories seem to return to her gently since, night after night, she makes the same nightmare. She dreams that she is pursued by a man without face. Then, one day, she refinds the memory and she can tell the memories of this terrible night. She tells that Mark was maltreating her when somebody arrived and shot the doctor. Unfortunately, she does not have any memory of the face of the man who released her from his claws... After some long moments, she entrusts, to the great surprise of Julia, that it was about Mason Capwell.

All seems then lost for Julia, who does not understand the motive of her lover. Because if Julia doubts the veracity of Sarah Sister's talks, it is not the case of Keith Timmons. Fortunately the truth will finish by being revealed by Sister Agatha. Whereas she retains Julia and Sister Sarah captive, it is learned that it is her who has killed Mark, whereas he was trying to rape the nun. Thus the veil is finally raised on the murder of Mark McCormick, and Sister Sarah is released from her heavy burden which was tormenting her for two long years.

Once the truth restored, it seems that Sister Sarah finds the stillness and the appeasing of the prayer again within the catholic mission, perhaps carrying with her other secrecies...

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