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Profession : Waitress at Georgio's diner, then at La Mesa      

? :
August 13 1984 (# 11) to August 14 1984 (# 12)

Maylo McCaslin :
October 03 1984 (# 48) to October 26 1984 (# 65), February 04 1985 (# 133) to February 05 1985 (# 134)


Like her counterpart Dr. Toni Carlin, Sally Taylor is a character of the shadow, who is used as a link between the wavering Kelly Capwell and the stubborn Joe Perkins. These two women will not be too much of two to try to bring closer these two hearts that everything seems to oppose today. Sally Taylor is a character made of episodical appearances, without real depth, who, obviously, will disappear with the reunion of Kelly and Joe.

At her first appearance, Sally comes to ensure her former college friend of her support. They indeed knew each other all three with Kelly at Lyman prep. At first, she proposes a job to him : to be a washer-up at Georgio's diner, where she works. Thereafter, she will announce to him that her boss cannot offer the job to him, because of his prison past (In the shadow, it is Augusta Lockridge who intrigues so that Joe does not find any job in Santa Barbara). As a faithful friend, Sally nevertheless gives one week of salary to him.

In order to celebrate their reunion, Sally invites Joe at the restaurant. There, she tries to seduce Joe, whom she visibly covets since she is a teenager. And, while an extremely awkward moment for Joe, Sally acknowledges to him being a huge fan of Lionel Ritchie, of whom she has the complete discography. She explains to him, in the most innocently way of the world, that she likes to listen to him very loudly in a bath with foam... and Sally ends up inviting the poor Joe to "swim" with her. Politely, Joe declines her invitation, certifying to her (and also to us) of his whole fidelity towards Kelly Capwell, which does not prevent them from remaining very good friends.

At her new appearance, Sally Taylor, then waitress in La Mesa, crosses the road of her former friend Kelly Capwell, who get reunited with Joe Perkins. Sally proposes to Kelly to become her roommate (because she left the Capwell mansion), and she moreover offers to her a job of waitress in the restaurant. After Joe, Sally flies to the help of Kelly. Whereas she tries to protect the relation of Kelly and Joe who moved in her appartment, Sally inopportunely leads the police to her apartment, and thus to Joe. This last one has no other choice than to run away and to disappear in the ocean... With this new tragedy, Sally supports of all her soul Kelly, who overwhelms herself of reproaches.

Honesty seems to be the motor of Sally's choices : without another explanation that Joe's resurrection, which fills her of joy, Sally agrees to lend her apartment to the couple, which has no other nest to hide their love. However, before leaving, Sally is obliged to lie to Augusta Lockridge who questions her on the men's clothes - clothes which belongs of course to Joe - strewn everywhere in her apartment. Sally justifies herself by pretexting the visit of her little brother. Then, it is the very same day of her departure that she informs Joe of the kidnapping of Kelly by Ginger Jones. As a proof of her honesty, Sally refuses to spy the conversation between Minx Lockridge and Brick Wallace for Lionel's account.

Sally will come back only briefly, a last time, at the occasion of Kelly and of Joe's wedding. Loyal, faithful, discrete, Sally carries in her all the noble values of friendship. She is very entirely at the side of her friends, getting cheerful only through them. After Toni Carlin, the reunion of the cursed lovers will involve the departure of Sally, who will leave Santa Barbara also discreetly that she crossed it.

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