Ruben Andrade




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Identity   Interpreter
Married to : Rosa Andrade (19??-19??)

Children : Santana Andrade, Olivia Andrade, Gabriella Andrade, Danny Andrade

  Profession : Gardener of the Capwells  

Ismael "East" Carlo :
August 03 1984 (# 5) to February 06 1985 (# 135)


Last member of the Andrade family to appear to the screen, Ruben is a straight man, who remains anchored in traditional values considered as exceeded by the new generation. He is certainly the patriarch of this large family from Hispanic origin but, on the contrary of what it seems to be, this is not him its real central axis, but his wife Rosa.

The values carried by Ruben are simple and do not take into account some insignificances. This is why he refuses to Danny (by incomprehension of the youth) the authorization to go to Hollywood during the summer holidays to try his chance in the capital of cinema. However, Ruben will get back on his decision further to Rosa's intervention (afterward, they will intervene with C.C. Capwell so that he authorizes his son Ted to leave with Danny).

In the same way, Ruben does not understand the behavior of his daughter Santana, at Joe's come-back in town. And certainly because of his values, this is not to him that Santana will come to confide. For Ruben, a woman, even an independent one, has to depend on a man, and he does not understand that Santana is still today a single woman. And it is to Cruz (a Hispanic man just like him, from the same social background, who according to him would make a good husband for his daughter) that he entrusts his confusion.

Because Ruben does not share the interest of his daughter for the Capwells. In Ruben's world, they are only the employees and they have to stay at their places : their worlds have nothing in common. So, he sees of a very bad eye the relation which begins to settle down between Santana and C.C.. Ruben can only disapprove their connection. And it is only after the intervention of C.C. Capwell himself that Ruben will have to open the eyes : Santana is not a child any more and the world where he lives has changed.

And Ruben is not at the end of his surprises. It is at the occasion of the earthquake that Santana confides to his father the filiation of Brandon DeMott. Ruben (whereas Rosa knows it since the beginning of the show) is shocked to realize that his own daughter did not come to look for support and for comfort with his father, but with C.C. Capwell. Ruben is also indignant by C.C.'s behavior and lies during all these years. After the departure of Santana, scandalized, Ruben even thinks of leaving the Capwells service. And faithful to his values, he refuses the Christmas bonus which C.C. will give him, while pointing out to him that at this moment, although from two different universes, they have a grandson in common !

Ruben will disappear of the show with Kelly and Joe's wedding, even if, from time to time, we will talk about him, quite as we will talk about Rosa preparing good meals. As time goes by, the Capwells will forget him completely. And when Rosa will come-back on the set and will date Rafael Castillo, we will discover that she is not with her husband any more, without any reason given for it.

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