Rosa Andrade




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Sister : Helena

Married to : Ruben Andrade (19??-19??)

Children : Santana Andrade, Olivia Andrade, Gabriella Andrade, Danny Andrade


Former known boyfriend : Rafael Castillo (1991-...)

Profession : Maid of the Capwells


Margarita Cordova :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to August 25 1987 (# 771), February 22 1991 (# 1656) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Rosa Andrade is a such second (even third) emblematic role of Santa Barbara that even absent from the show during four years, her name continues to be quoted ! Rosa shows herself as a relentless mother (this due perhaps to her Hispanic origins, accentuated by a very pronounced accent !), indeed a little old-fashioned, but very loving towards as well her own children as all those of the Capwells tribe. Rosa is indeed the maid of the richest family of Santa Barbara and, as we can say, used to be a surrogate mother for Channing Junior, Eden, Kelly and Ted, their mother Sophia having disappeared in the sea in 1969.

Faithful to Ruben, her husband and gardener of the same Capwells, Rosa is it also towards C.C., the patriarch of the family to who she dedicates an unbounded admiration. This is why she cannot believe it when she learns from the mouth of her daughter Santana that C.C. had formerly withdrew the baby to who she secretly gave birth in Acapulco. She then discovers the hidden face of C.C. : manipulator and at the time without much morality... Even if she does not encourage Santana a lot in her attempts to obtain the guard of her son Brandon, she cannot be prevented from showing in public her attachment to her grandson whom she spoil as much as she can with sandwiches and cakes cooked with love.

Even if her appearances were in any case only sporadic, it becomes however obvious that Rosa has deserted the Capwell kitchen in this year 1987. Her name remains however quoted from time to time through the years, the time of one "Let us see what Rosa has prepared for us this evening..." or "I will ask Rosa to cook you your favorite meal..."... It is only in 1991 that she finally reappears on the front of the scene, at the same time as her daughter Santana leaves the psychiatric hospital where she had been interned for two years. Rosa is thus present to welcome Ted, finally came back that year, but also to make all she can do to dissuade Santana to date C.C. with who she has fallen in love. She indeed fears that her daughter does not suffer from the incompatibility remaining between their two worlds, but more especially from the competition with Sophia of who she knows that C.C. is always in love. But C.C. finishes by showing her that he takes his relation with Santana with serious and Rosa accepts their love-affair as good as she can.

Her marriage with Ruben seeming, without explanation, to belong from now on to the past, Rosa agrees many times to go out at the arm of Rafael Castillo, Cruz's father. If at the beginning she is reticent with his hastened advances, she finally falls under his charm and drops her shell to open completely to him...

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