Reese Walker






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Identity   Interpreter

Married to : Jodie Walker (197?-...)

Child : Sawyer Walker


Former known girlfriend : Andi Klein (1992-1993)

Profession : Police detective


Forry Smith :
March 27 1992 (# 1933) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Reese Walker makes his entrance in Santa Barbara with his wife Jodie, during the reunion of the high school alumni. Delighted to find his old companion Cruz Castillo there, Reese accepts his proposition to come to live again in Santa Barbara and to join the police department of the city.

Happy in marriage, Reese is also proud of his daughter B.J. and of his son, Sawyer, even if he disapproves of his choice to become a professional boxer. However, the complicity which unites Jodie and Cruz tends to make him jealous. He thus gets closer to Kelly Capwell, Cruz's girlfriend, with whom he shares his frustration.

Reese is however going to know some real reasons for doubting of Jodie on the occasion of the arrival of Frank Goodman, an old friend of the family, who is going to lead to some new developments in his life. When he learns that Frank formerly raped the young B.J ., Reese flies into a fury. Frank is found dead, and Sawyer is at first suspected. Then it is B.J. who is at her turn the object of all the suspicions, until Cruz blames for the murder before running away for Mexico. This sacrifice gesture hides a dark secret : Cruz is in reality B.J.'s father, what Reese ignored until then. Requiring DNA tests to verify his suspicions, Reese obtains the confirmation from Jodie that he is not the father of his beloved daughter. He then decides to leave his wife without waiting.

Reese meets afterward Andi Klein, a young woman with whom he begins an affair. But his love for Jodie having not passed away, Reese does not succeed in falling in love with Andi. He learns that his colleague Connor McCabe suspects Andi of having played a role in the death of the two wives of her former lover, Ken Mathis. His decision to break with her puts Andi in a fury, which leads Reese to realize her psychotic tendencies. Guessing that Andi risks to attack Jodie, he arrests her while she got ready to poison her.

Again free, Reese finally decides to go back with Jodie and lets her know that he is ready to give a new chance to their marriage. And during B.J.'s romantic wedding ceremony with Warren Lockridge, it is him who occupies the father's place by leading her at his arm to the altar...

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