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Married to : Mr. Benson (19??-19??), Mr. Blake (19??-19??)

Children : Stan Benson, Mack Blake, Gina Blake DeMott Capwell, Summer Blake

  Professions : Ethan Asher' secretary, waitress at Howie's Diner  

? :
October 15 1986 (# 564)

Stella Stevens :
November 29 1989 (# 1344) to O
ctober 11 1990 (# 1566), December 24 1990 (# 1617) to December 28 1990 (# 1620)


This is in November 1989 that Phyllis Blake comes to join her children Gina and Mack in Santa Barbara. The reunion is at the beginning difficult, Phyllis having trouble in making herself forgiven her errors as a mother, especially by Gina. Eccentric and messy, Phyllis moves in her daughter's house, who repurchased and transformed the Lockridge mansion into a pension.

One day, she discovers that Gina has an affair with Ethan Asher, the new district attorney. She then manages to be hired by him as a secretary. At random of her daily espionages, she learns that Ethan's wife, Laura, has killed a man, Leo Mitchell. She then benefits of this indiscretion to anonymously blackmail Laura, until Gina discovers it and asks her to stop.

At the same time, Phyllis borrows money to Gina and, with her friend Cy Agnew, starts many investments which all turn to be disastrous. After the fire which devastates the Lockridge mansion, Phyllis is constrained to confess to Gina that she did not pay the insurance, having prefered to keep the money for her bets. She has to settle down with Gina and her grandson Brandon in Mack's trailer. To help Gina to put some money on her side, Phyllis finds to both of them a job as waitresses in a new restaurant, Howie's Diner.

Thereafter, she is not long in discovering that Gina, blind since a fall in the Capwell mansion stairs, pretends in fact her blindness. She then helps her to exchange the arts paintings belonging to the Capwells by copies, in order to sell the originals. But they both ignore that they just replace the originals in the villa, Lionel Lockridge having alreay proceeded to an exchange a few days before. The plan fails totally when C.C. surprises them at the heart of the action.

Phyllis is then present when Mack decides to leave the city in autumn 1990, but then disappears from the storylines. She makes a last appearance in the very end of the year, joining Gina in Las Vegas where this latter is about to remarry Keith Timmons. Her disapproval of this union is satisfied when Gina suddenly has a change of mind during the ceremony.

Phyllis will not reappear in the show any more, leaving behind her the wind of freshness and whim which she had very fast known to bring...

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The photos of Phyllis

Stella Stevens

On the left : in Girls ! Girls ! Girls !, with Elvis Presley (1961), then in The Nutty Professor, with Jerry Lewis (1963)

Phyllis and her family

Phyllis and the others

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