Pearl Bradford




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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Michael Stevenson Baldwin Bradford III

Father : Wayne Bradford

Brother : Brian Bradford


Former known girlfriends : Courtney Capwell (1986), Elena Nikolas (1987)

Professions : Waiter at Buzz's Place, pilot of the ferry to the casino Nick's Place, butler and chauffeur of the Capwells, waiter at Johnny's Place, private investigator at the Last resort agency


Robert Thaler :
October 31 1985 (# 321) to April 22 1988 (# 938)


Pearl could be regarded as the eternal second role of Santa Barbara : present in many intrigues and adventures, he will have only played the good buddies or the accomplices of characters to whom was granted the foreground. Pearl is initially the former jovial and a little eccentric friend of Cruz Castillo. This is by his intermediary that he becomes acquainted with Kelly Capwell for who he immediately devotes a certain attraction. A love which unfortunately will never be concretized in a real relation, but which will continue during every year that Pearl will spend in Santa Barbara.

This is another Capwell, Courtney, a cousin of Kelly, that he seduces during the year 1986. He comes to comfort her after the death of her sister Madeline, assassinated, while trying to protect her from the pressures of David Laurent, the husband of the latter. Pearl thinks of having found the perfect love before discovering that Courtney is in fact the murderer of her sister...

His thoughts then quickly return on Kelly, so much more so this one knows serious troubles. He builds a plan to make her come out from the asylum where she is interned by force by a psychopath doctor, Dr. Rawlings. There he finds the trace of his brother Brian, formerly patient of the same doctor. Whereas he thought he was dead, Pearl discovers that his brother is well alive and renew his relations with him. Whereas the reunion with his brother seems to be the result of a great adventure, Pearl will not manage to make Brian stay a long time in Santa Barbara.

Always so sociable and becoming intimate easily (among his regular friends can be found as well Julia Wainwright and Carmen Castillo as Eden Capwell), Pearl agrees in 1987 to enter into partnership with Cruz to create a detectives agency. He has besides a lot to do with his first case : the Elena Nikolas' affair, from the name of the dangerous psychopath who comes to adjoin her services in the unavowed purpose to make disappear all the Capwells from the surface of the Earth ! After these dangerous adventures, he takes a little his distances with the risks of his job and dedicates himself to his passion : his friends ! He very quickly becomes the accomplice of Jake Morton and with him has fun inter alia in playing the baby-sitters for Carrie, the daughter of one of his new friends and inavowable love, Rita Grant.

But these stories of a very limited interest will cease at the moment of the departure of Jake, idle after the death of his betrothed Hayley Benson. Pearl will also finish by disappearing, without tear nor goodbye, as discreetly as he had lived his three years in Santa Barbara...

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