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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Police detective  



Stoney Jackson :
July 07 1986 (# 493) to January 13 1987 (# 625)


Whereas we ignored until then his existence, Paul Whitney appears, in summer 1986, as a partner and a faithful friend of police detective Cruz Castillo's. Adopting a modern look and an attitude closer to street gangsters than to a police detective, Paul turns out to be an effective and respected policeman.

This is while helping Dr. Rawlings to find patients escaped from his asylum that he meets one of them, Alice Jackson. Very fast, he becomes fond of the young woman, shy and secret, and is one of the first ones to succeed in making her get out of her dumbness. Once Alice released from the asylum, Paul can finally ask her to go out with him to the restaurant or to spend more time with her without constraints. But the memories of the aggression which Alice underwent from a policeman several years ago make complicated the relation between Alice and Paul : at every vision of Paul's police badge, Alice panics and dives back into her dumbness.

We can find this relation a little surprising, not to say more : Paul is about ten years more than Alice (who is only 18 years old), and Alice suffers from handicaps which make her look more like a lost girl who naively discovers the world than to a woman capable of decisions and sexually mature. This feeling is illustrated in particular when Paul refuses to see Alice playing the fashion models for her friend Nick Hartley. To see her becoming emancipated and gaining self-assurance seems to pall him.

At the arrival in Santa Barbara of Brian Bradford, Paul is as forgotten by Alice, outshined by her old friend and secret lover. He then stops dating her, not appearing on screen any more than for some police interventions. Paul disappears without more explanation after the inauguration of the bar Johnny's Place, at the very beginning of 1987. Not enough defined, his character had stayed too long in the background so that he can hope to survive more in the middle of the heroes of the show...

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