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Identity   Interpreter

Married to : John Perkins (195?-1984)

Children : Joe Perkins, Amy Perkins, Jade Perkins

  Profession : Employed at Lyman prep  

Valorie Armstrong :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to April 26 1985 (# 192), November 04 1985 (# 323) to November 13 1985 (# 330), December 25 1985 (# 359)


Like Rosa Andrade, Marisa Perkins is the central character on whom all her family relies. These two women are the perfect opposite of what will be the "working girl" of the Nineties. Because Marisa belongs to these women who prefer to stay in the shade and find their happiness only in the general brightness of the family.

Marisa is initially the perfect wife of John. Marisa supports him the best than she can in all the situations, including when he crosses a long and difficult layoff. And so that everyone can continue to live normally, she agrees to make many overtime. Moreover, the only time when Marisa is opposed to her husband, it is still and always for the family harmony. As John rejects Joe at the moment of his release from prison, Marisa prefers to drive out John from the family home, rather seeing him at the origin of the fall of all the family.

Because more than everything in the world, Marisa deeply loves each one of her children. When during John's bad moments, she discovers she is again pregnant (with Jade), she refuses the abortion, preferring this new child than an easier life. And it is because she loves Jade that she accepts to see her trying her chance in Hollywood. It is also because she loves Amy that she accepts without any condition her return in Santa Barbara at the time of Joe's false death. She opens her the door of her house, without harassing her with questions, whereas Amy lands pregnant from a man who swears that he cannot be the father of her child. And so that the family remains always united, she decides to install a nursery in Joe's former bedroom.

It is certainly because Joe occupies a particular place in her heart that her supports to him will very strong. She disavowed him at any time. That it is throughout the lawsuit, or during these five years of prison, never Marisa has ceased to love her son. She continues to love him and to support him towards everybody : against her husband, against the Capwells, and against near of all the inhabitants of Santa Barbara. And at his return from prison, she welcomes him the opened arms, ready to take again their life where they had left it. Her total supports towards her son cost her considerable sacrifices, like her separation with John. But on the other hand, he offered her so many pleasures : the reconciliation between John and Joe, the resurrection of Joe, and especially the wedding of her little Joe with the beautiful Kelly Capwell. However, Marisa will end up leaving Santa Barbara after the death of John and of Joe. Nevertheless, she will come back to make a small appearance at the time of the wedding of Amy with Brick Wallace, before leaving again after the feast days of Christmas 1985.

Of all the women who crossed Santa Barbara, Marisa was perhaps the one who had the harder life : she saw her husband John dying at the time of the earthquake; her son Joe has been imprisoned for a murder he had not commited, before being murdered by a serial killer during a hostage crisis; her daughter Amy died in the accidental explosion of Buzz's Place. Fortunately, she always has Jade, her last daughter, she certainly withdrew with far from Santa Barbara, after her final departure at the end of 1985.

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