Lisa Fenimore




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Identity   Interpreters

Former known boyfriend : Rafe Castillo (1992-1993)

Profession : Student, model for Gina Jeans


Leslie Ryan :
March 03
1992 (# 1915) to April 08 1992 (# 1941)

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras :
April 10 1992 (# 1943) to January 13 1993 (# 2135)


Haughty and snobbish daddy's girl, Lisa Fenimore is a young girl who does not hesitate to use manipulations and lies to achieve her aims. She appears in the show as one of the students in the high school attended by Sawyer Walker, Lily Blake, Elaine Barnowski or later B.J. Walker. On the arrival in the city of the attractive Rafe Castillo, Lisa decides to set her heart on him and to act by all available means to dismiss the one with whom Rafe has already fallen in love, Lily Blake.

Her motivation ? After the separation of her parents, Lisa was deceived by Lily when she proselytized under the name of Lily Light. Then in search of comfort, Lisa has never forgiven her for being an impostor and for having caused harm to so much people.

By dint of attempts of seduction, Lisa manages to catch Rafe in her nets. But realizing that he is not in love with her, she pretends to be pregnant by him to force him to come back to her. Knowing that Rafe is opposed to abortion, she threatens to act if Rafe does not agree to forget Lily. She moreover pressures him to marry her. Lisa's father, an army general, tries to dissuade her from marrying Rafe, whom he considers from a too lower class that Lisa is. The idea is shared by Rich Landers, an old friend of Lisa's, also coming from a Californian wealthy family. But Lisa listens only herself and she organizes her wedding with Rafe. With Rich's help, she hires an actor to take the place of the priest, thus making the union null.

By intriguing, Lisa obtains to represent with Rafe the brand Gina Jeans as models, to the big detriment of Lily who was approached at first by Gina. She makes very sexy photos with him which fill the fashion magazines and overcome Lily. But Rafe's attraction for Lily is always there and they both make love during a business trip in Cleveland.

Lisa is upset when she discovers this treason. Her jealousy turning into an obsession, she pretends to make a miscarriage, forcing Rafe to get scared and to break with Lily, despite the feelings he still has for her. But despite her shenanigans, Lisa sees Rafe escaping from her.

While she pushes away again the advances of her old friend Rich, she undergoes his threats to tell all the truth to Rafe. One day, she is almost raped by a Rich become in time very pressing and violent. Lisa is saved in extremis by Rafe. On her hospital bed, she tells him she has never been pregnant, and that their marriage has no value. This burst of honesty causes her the definitive loss of Rafe, but allows her to somewhat redeem herself in the televiewers' eyes, before immediately disappearing of the show...

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