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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Resident psychiatrist  



Larry Poindexter :
April 18 1986 (# 439) to June 20 1986 (# 484)


Whereas she is temporarily separated from her fiancÚ Nick Hartley, Kelly Capwell meets her new neighbor, Justin Moore. Cheerful and fanciful, Justin is a talented saxophonist who gets accustomed to regularly visit Kelly by entering through the window of her apartment.

Justin appears worried and tuned to the difficulties faced by Kelly, and of a great support in the love problems she encounters. After a violent argument between Kelly and Dylan Hartley (which awakes in the young woman the painful memory of Peter Flint), Justin shows to be an attentive ear while Kelly blames herself for the death of Peter and Joe Perkins. Justin tries to reason her : she does not have to feel responsible for the rivalry between the two brothers Nick and Dylan. Just as she does not have to deal with any guilt in Peter's actions, or any responsibility in Joe's death. In any case, their love for her can not be the cause of these extreme behaviors.

But the interest of Justin for Kelly, which could be believed coming from a budding love, is in fact not spontaneous : Justin is actually a psychiatrist, to whom Nick asked to watch over his beloved's fragile mental health. Slowly, Justin finds the right words to guide Kelly on the road of the reconciliation with Nick.

After Dylan's death, Kelly is interned in an asylum whose director, Dr. Rawlings, turns to be suspect and dangerous. Justin, disturbed by the fact that Rawlings does not want him to be involved in Kelly's trial, refuses to give him the notes taken during their various meetings. He prefers to give them to Nick.

Justin does not hesitate then to get interned in the same asylum than Kelly to be near her. Unfortunately, whereas he is going to attend the same meeting group than her, he is placed in solitary confinement by Rawlings' nurses. He then intervenes to give news to Kelly's family.

After having advised him to get interned in Dr. Rawlings' asylum, Justin disappears from one day to another in favor of Pearl Bradford, without any explanation being given, and without the possibility for his character to know the real development he deserved...

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