Emily DiNapoli




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Identity   Interpreter
Father : Frank DiNapoli

Mother : Anna DiNapoli

Sisters : Celeste DiNapoli, Lisa DiNapoli


Married to : Greg Hughes (1989-...)

Professions : High school student, waitress at the Country-club


Julie Condra :
February 28 1989 (# 1154) to January 11 1990 (# 1374)


Dreamy and naive, Emily is the youngest of the three DiNapoli sisters. From the departure of the eldest Celeste to Los Angeles and after the death of her mother, Emily has essentially been raised by her sister Lisa. It was through her that she was protected from a brutal and alcoholic father. Big teenager, Emily, still in high school, lives through her books, some slushy novels, from which she transposes in reality her dreams of love at first sight and prince charming.

Avid reader of the novels written by Megan Richardson, Emily gets to be her assistant when this latter moves temporarily ino Santa Barbara. Her mission is to type the manuscripts of the writer. It is through her that she meets Greg Hughes, her son. She immediately falls in love with this boy so orderly and polite that she is wise and discreet. If she fears at first that Greg is interested in more daring girls, Emily manages to get closer to Greg when he seeks comfort after learning he is the son of wealthy C.C. Capwell. Emily believes living the legends of her books by being regularly invited to parties given by the Capwells, at their home or at the Country-club.

Emily is still a great comfort when Greg loses his mother at summer of 1989, and supports him when he gradually takes the place he deserves in the Capwell family. Ready for everything for him, she even accepts to give up a job as a model to respect his choices. She finally realizes her dream by marrying late in the year the one she sees, naively, only like her prince charming. Her two sisters having already left town long ago, Emily will leave with Greg for new skies at the beginning of the year 1990...

Press article
Tender and shy..., 1989
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