Chapter 15


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The following morning Kelly and Connor got up early because they had to take a plane to Italy. After they had visited Marcello in prison Kelly was convinced that it would be best to fly to Italy and to visit the doctor who took care of Sophia when she was in that hospital after the boat accident, so Kelly had booked to flights, one for Connor and one for her. Connor agreed to go with her but deep inside he hoped that they could find some time for themselves. Connor really loved her and wanted to spend more time with the woman he loved but in the last few weeks they hadn't found much time to be alone, since Cilia showed up and claimed to be Sophia's daughter, Kelly wanted to find out if she had another sister and when Eden came back home and found out that Kelly and Cruz had an affair, Kelly's behavior had changed, she was more distant than before.

"Connor! I'll call my parents to tell them that we'll leave town for some days." Kelly called from the bedroom because Connor was in the bathroom.

"What will you tell them?" Connor shouted back and a few seconds later he came out of the bathroom wearing nothing more than a towel around his hips.

"Of course I won't tell them that we'll fly to Italy to find out something about Cilia. It would have the same impact on my father as if I would tell him that we visited Marcello yesterday! I'm not stupid! I think that my father would even be able to disinherit me if he would find out about that!" Kelly said that and at the same time she had to smile, because she had to remember how often her father had disinherited Mason.

"Is the thought of being disinherited so funny that you have to smile, baby?" Connor replied.

"No, I just have to think about how often my father already had disinherited Mason, that's all!"

"I've an idea! Why don't you tell them that we need some time for us alone? You could tell your parents that I've invited you for a small trip to New York!" Connor said and smiled at Kelly in love.

"That's a great idea!" Kelly said got up from the bed and went to the phone while Connor went back to the bathroom to dress himself. She picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Good morning Rosa! It's Kelly! Is Mum or Dad at home?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen them yet today!" Rosa replied

Kelly took a look at her watch and realized that she and Connor had to hurry to be at the airport on time.

"Rosa, could you please tell them that I phoned to say that Connor and I will leave town for a few days? I'll call them tomorrow!"

"Of course I'll do!" Rosa replied.

"Thanks! Bye Rosa!"

"You're welcome! And have fun Kelly!" Rosa said and then hung up the phone.

"Connor! Hurry up! If you don't we'll be late and miss the plane!"

"I'm ready to leave darling!" Connor said while he came out of the bathroom, he took Kelly's hand and led her out of the house into his car and they drove to the airport.



At the same time Mason was sitting at the bar of the Capwell Oasis because he waited for Cilia. He had so many questions that no one could answer him, so he decided to find out if Cilia would be able to answer them but he hadn't much hope that she would want to answer them. Mason thought about Cilia as a mystery. She showed up in Santa Barbara, pretended that she was looking for a job and than it turned out that she came into town to be acknowledged as Sophia's daughter and even later it turned out that she was a friend of Eden's. This seemed very strange to Mason, because he didn't understand why she hadn't come earlier to claim to be Sophia's daughter and why couldn't Sophia remember to have another daughter.

Cilia entered the Capwell Oasis and looked around to see if she could find Mason. She was a bit scared about what he could tell her, perhaps he wanted her to leave town and to never come back.

"Forget about it now! In a few moments you'll know why he wanted to see you!" Cilia said to herself and walked straight over to the bar where Mason was sitting.

"Good morning! You wanted to see me!" Cilia said because she didn't want that Mason could find out that she was very nervous and unsure.

"Good morning, Cilia! How are you?"

"Thanks I'm fine! And you?"

"I'm ok!" Mason replied. He looked at this young woman and couldn't find any resemblance with Sophia except that there was something in her eyes that he had already seen once before. Mason remembered very clearly when he had seen that very special something in someone's eyes! At the time he saw it first he was about five years old and his mother had just left him when he was introduced to a beautiful young woman with blond hair and beautiful big blue eyes and in her eyes he saw the same what he saw now in Cilia's eyes! And his young woman was Sophia!

"Should we take place at a table, I've invited you for breakfast!" Mason said and smiled at Cilia.

"OK!" Cilia replied.

They went to a table and sat down, Cilia still felt uncomfortable because she didn't know why Mason wanted to see her perhaps he wanted her to tell Julia not to defend her anymore, Julia was pregnant and Mason was worried about Julia's and the baby's health! But Cilia was almost sure that he wanted to ask her questions about her past and why she didn't come earlier to be acknowledged as Sophia's flesh and blood. Cilia didn't like the situation she was in and so she decided to be real honest with Mason even if that would mean that she would have to bring up this topic that every member of the Capwell family hated so much, except Eden, but Eden had left town to search her family and so she wasn't able to help Cilia! Cilia took a deep breath.

"Mason, why have you invited me for breakfast?"

"Well I thought we could make some conversation and learn more about one another!"

"You wanna ask me questions about my past and what Sophia has to do with it, don't you?" Cilia said and smiled, she knew the Capwells so well even if she only knew them since a short time.

"You're right! Cilia I want you to understand why I want to ask you these questions! I love my family even if I don't ever tell them that I do. Sophia means a lot to me even if she isn't my real mother I feel some kind of love for her. It was a long and difficult way for my father and Sophia to find together again, I mean after everything that happened it was hard for them to believe that the only thing that they need is to be loved by the other."

"I know Mason! Eden told me everything; I mean that they separated because Eden left town and Sophia thought that she was responsible and that Eden would only come back when Sophia would leave her family!"

"That's a part of the whole story! So do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

"No, not at all!" Cilia said and smiled.

"Well! You say that Sophia is your mother but how is it possible, that she can't remember having given birth to another child?"

"Sophia was very bad injured when Marcello found her and she didn't remember anything before the accident! I don't know if she knew that she was pregnant before she fell of the yacht and almost drown. I remember that Marcello told me that she was a visitor, then she became a friend of my father and ..." Cilia couldn't finish her sentence because Mason interrupted her.

"You know your father?"

"My father, oh, I mean the count Armonti and later Marcello told me that Sophia is my mother and that she wasn't able to take care of me when I was born, because she was so sick."

"At that time Sophia remember that you are her daughter?" Mason asked.

"Yes, she did! When I was nine years old Sophia told me that she would have to go on a trip for a few days and that she will come back and take me with her so that I could meet my brothers and sisters!" Cilia replied and tears ran down her face.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to make you cry!" Mason said.

"It has nothing to do with you!"

"What happened when Sophia came back to Italy?"

"Marcello told me that she was very ill and that she would need some time for her alone. I never talked to her again and I never saw her again until I came to Santa Barbara."
"Why didn't you come here earlier?"

"When Sophia left for the second and last time, Marcello told me that I had to stay with the family who worked at the Armonti property, years later I received a letter from Marcello, he told me that he was in prison because C.C. hated him so much and that Sophia had decided to stay in Santa Barbara. I thought that my mother left me because she didn't love me enough."

"I'm sure that Sophia would never forget a person she loves at least not on purpose. I think that Marcello has something to do with it!"

"Why Marcello? I mean he was always good to me when I was a child!"

"Cilia, Marcello hates my father more than anything else in the whole wide world! Thank you for answering my questions, but I have to leave now. I still have some work to do and later Julia and I meet at the hospital for an examination!"

"Bye Mason!" Cilia replied, while Mason got up and left the table.

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