How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 6


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In the meanwhile at the other end of Santa Barbara, Sophia and Eden stood on the sundeck of the Capwell yacht. Sophia was lost in her thoughts, she had to think about the argument she had with C.C.. A lot of questions ran through her mind. Why didn't he trust her? Of course she had hurt him a lot when she betrayed him with his worst enemy Lionel Lockridge so many years ago, but why couldn't he forgive her or only forget what happened at that time? Why did he always jeopardize her love for him?

Eden who had realized that her mother was lost in her thoughts came closer to her and knew that she would have to find out what happened!

"Momma?" Eden said and gently touched her mother's arm.

"Oh! Sorry dear! Did you say something? I was lost in my thoughts!"

 "Well, Mum! I realized that and I want to know what happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"A while ago you phoned me and said that you wouldn't be able to come here today, because Daddy wants to go on a trip with you! And now you are here! So what happened?" Eden, who really knew her parents very well, said.

"You're right! I had a terrible fight with your father because he heard what I told you on the phone and I begged him not to ask me who was at the other end of the phone ... well, he thought that it was Lionel with whom I was on the phone because he saw us at the Capwell Oasis this morning, ... but we only met by chance and made a little conversation. Did you know that Lionel is married to Gina?"

"No, I didn't and it doesn't really matter by now! But you have tried to explain him that your mystery-monger had nothing to do with Lionel, haven't you?"
"Of course I did, but he didn't believe me and ..." Sophia stopped in the middle of the sentence because now she realized that this fight with C.C. would probably had made an end to their relationship and that they would never be reunited again, because there wasn't enough trust between them. Tears ran down her cheeks.

"What else did happen? Please tell me! I can see that you are very hurt!" Eden said and felt very bad because she felt responsible for her parents' fight.

"Oh, Eden! Your father assumed that I'd betray him with Lionel!"

"And? I mean what else happened?

"I told him that he will see in a few days that my behavior had nothing to do with Lionel and that it would be better if we don't marry again when he doesn't trust me!" Sophia replied.

"Oh, Mum! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to destroy everything when I came back to Santa Barbara! Please believe me!" Eden said and tears ran down her cheeks.

"I know that, darling! But you also know your father and you know how stubborn he can be if you hide something from him, but I couldn't tell him the truth because I promised you not to tell anyone!"

"Oh, but Momma I would never had asked you to do so if I would have known how daddy would react! I thought that he had changed within the last years! I have to tell him the truth!" Eden replied and took her coat to leave the boat.

"Eden! Wait!"

"Why? I don't want to separate you once again! It was my fault that you divorced daddy the last time and I don't want to be once again the reason why you both can't be happy and reunited!"

"Listen, Eden! When you asked me to keep your comeback a secret I did it because you wanted to find Cruz and the children first and we both know that your father wouldn't let you search them if he would know that you're home again."

"You're right!"

"May I offer you a suggestion?" Sophia asked her daughter.

"Yes, of course!"

"Well if you want I could come with you to Mexico and help you to find Cruz and your children! I'll book a flight to New York, so no one can find out that you're back and that we're on the way to search Cruz and the children. And when we've found them we'll come back and you can explain your father that you're back! Hmmm? What do you think about this?" Sophia said and a smile appeared on her face.

"Oh, you would really do that for me? It's a great idea!" Eden said and gave her mother a big hug.



At the other end of Santa Barbara Mason and his daughter Samantha entered the Capwell mansion, because they wanted to visit C.C. and Sophia. The relationship between Mason and his father has changed, unbelievable but true, they didn't fight anymore like they did all those years but they had found a way to accept each other and have learned to live in peace. Also the relationship between Mason and Sophia has changed, Mason has accepted that Sophia was the only woman his father ever really loved, even if that meant that there was no place for his mother Pamela in his father's live and now it was easy for Mason to come over to visit his father and Sophia.

"Hello! Is anyone at home?" Mason shouted into the foyer.

"Aren't grandpa and grandma at home?" Samantha asked her father. Sure at the beginning it was a bit strange for Mason to hear his daughter say grandma to Sophia but he has accepted it because he had realized that Sophia always loved him like she loved her own children, Sophia never made a difference between Mason and her children not like his father used to do when Mason was still a child.

Before Mason could answer his daughter's question Rosa came out of the kitchen and answered the little girl's question.

"Hello Mason! Hi Samantha! Your grandfather is at home, but Sophia has left the house a while ago. Do you want a glass of milk and a cookie?"

"May I, daddy?"

"Of course, darling!"

"So, run into the kitchen and tell Rachel that she should give you a glass of milk and some freshly made cookies!" Rosa said to the little girl who was already on her way into the kitchen.

"Rosa, do you know where I can find my father?"

"Well, Mason your father is in his study!"

"Thank you Rosa! I'll go and talk to him!"

"Mason, I don't know if that's a good idea!" Rosa said because she knew of the terrible fight that C.C. and Sophia had a while ago and she knew that C.C. would be very bad tempered because of it.

"Why shouldn't it be? What happened?" Mason wanted to know what he had done once again that could have annoyed his father.

"Your father is in a very bad mood because he and Sophia had a terrible fight earlier!"

"What? Why? I thought that this time they would manage to stay together without fighting all the time! Do you know the reason for their fight?"

"Mason, I think it would be better if you would ask your father about it! I don't want to get involved in your family's life. I'll look after Samantha!" Rosa said and left the living room and went into the kitchen.

Mason had himself on the way to C.C.'s study, he knocked on the door, but got no answer from the other side of the door, so he knocked again and this time he got an answer.

"Go away!" C.C. shouted.

But Mason didn't have the intention to go away, because he wanted to know why his father and Sophia had a fight, even if it was always difficult for Mason to see his father and Sophia together he had realized that Sophia was the only woman his father had ever really loved. Mason remembered that his father always kept Sophia's things in his bedroom, when Sophia was supposed to be dead and he knew that his father and Sophia were meant for each other. And this time Mason would do everything to reconcile them again. So Mason opened the door and entered his father's study.

"Hi Dad!"

"Mason, I want to be alone!"

"What's wrong with you?" Mason asked and pointed with his finger on a photo album that lay on C.C.'s desk.


"Dad! I know that you and Sophia had a terrible fight, So I don't believe you if you tell me that everything's all right! Why did you have this argument and what was it about?"

"I thought that she loves me, but she betrayed me again with this Lockridge bastard." C.C. told his eldest son and realized how much the thoughts about that hurt him and that he became furious again.

"Why do think that Sophia betrays you? I really do not understand that?"

"I saw her with Lionel at the Capwell Oasis!"

"Possibly they met by chance!"

"That exactly what she told me!"

"And why don't you believe her?" Mason asked because he couldn't understand his father's behavior, he knew that his father could be very superficial, but he didn't expect that his father would be so narrow-minded in this case, because Mason was sure that his father really loved Sophia and that she had the same loving feelings for C.C..

"Oh Mason! Connor told me that someone lives on my yacht since a few days and that some people saw Sophia on the yacht! I'm sure she met this son of a bitch on my boat!"

"Oh, Dad! I'm sure there must be a plausible explanation why Sophia was on the yacht! I know that she really loves you and I'm sure she wouldn't betray you!" Mason said.

"Why do you try to defend her in front of me? You don't know the whole story my son! I heard her on the phone with Lionel and believe if after what she told him I'm sure that she betrays me!"

"Did you talk to her about your suspicions?"

"Of course I did after what I had heard her phone call with ..." C.C. couldn't go on he was too upset and disappointed by Sophia's behavior. Deep inside him C.C. hoped that Mason was right that Sophia really loved him and that everything what happened within the last few days was a misunderstanding, but too many facts proved that it could impossibly be an error.

"You listened to her phone call? What did she say that hurt you so much?"

"Well, she said that she loves the person at the other end of the line! And when I asked her who she talked to she told me to forget what I had heard."

"Perhaps she talked to Kelly or Ted!" Mason replied.

"Mason, I don't want to go on with this discussion!" C.C. said and stood up from his chair and left the study and went into the hall. Mason who didn't want to get up that fast followed his father into the hall.



Eden and Sophia sat in a plane with destination to Acapulco. Eden had booked two flights to Mexico under the name of Mrs and Miss Banberry, because the two women wanted to find Cruz and Eden's children and they were both sure that someone would tell C.C. if they had booked the flights under the name of Capwell. Besides Sophia had booked a flight to Italy because she didn't want C.C. to search her, she was to upset about his behavior to see him again.

Eden had become very calm, first of all because she couldn't stop thinking about her parents fight and because she was very nervous to see Cruz, the man she loved from the bottom of her heart and her children again. Suddenly pictures from her past appeared in front of Eden's inner eye, picture from the first time when she met Cruz, their first date, the first night they spent together, than pictures from the time where they were separated because Eden married Kirk Cranston and Cruz married Santana an old school maid of his. Then she remembered their reunion, their marriage and the Adriana's birth and how happy they were. Suddenly she was torn out of her thoughts because she realized that she had spilled her drink.

"Oh no!"

"What?" Sophia who was also lost in her thoughts for a while because she had always to think about C.C. and their terrible fight they had this morning, said!

"I spilled my drink because I was lost in my thoughts" Eden replied and looked at her mother and saw that Sophia's eyes were filled with tears.

"Mum, do you want to talk about it?"

"I don't want to burden you with my problems!"

"Come on, mum! Tell me why you are so sad! I can imagine that it is because of the argument you had with daddy earlier!" Eden said and felt guilty because she asked her mother to keep her come back to Santa Barbara a secret.

"We already had a lot of fights, but this time I have the feeling that we could never manage to come together again! Eden, I love your father but I can't live with him when he doesn't trust me at all. I mean I know that I had breached his trust when I betrayed him with Lionel all these years ago. And in some way I can understand that he could never forgive me that." Sophia told her daughter and again her eyes were filled with tears.

"Mum, I'm sure that daddy reacted like that because he loves you so much and we both know that he can be very jealous and irrational when he fears that he could lose someone he really loves with every fiber of his heart. And I'm sure that you both will find a way to come together again, you have been separated so many times and you have ever coped to be reunited again!" Eden tried to comfort her mother and she had already a plan how she could help her parents to make it up with each other again.

"Darling, I never doubted that your father loves me but he never had enough trust in me, because ...! You know what I mean, don't you? I know that I had hurt him a lot, but I thought that he would sometime be able to forget it or to forgive me all these things I have done to my family!"

"I know what you mean, Mum! And I'm sure that he has forgiven you, but we know that it's very difficult for daddy to show what he really feels." Eden said and smiled at her mother because the two women knew C.C. Capwell too well to expect that he would really had change about showing his emotions.

The discussion between Sophia and Eden was interrupted by the announcement that the plane would land in Acapulco in a few minutes.



C.C. went into the atrium of his house with Mason close on his heels, because Mason wasn't satisfied by the answers he has got from his father concerning C.C.'s fight with Sophia. But at this moment Mason remember that he had to ask his father about the telegram that he had found on the desk at Capwell enterprises. It was a telegram which contained Cruz's address in Mexico and Mason knew that his father had planed something, perhaps he wanted to visit Cruz and his grandchildren or he wanted to persuade Cruz to move back to Santa Barbara. The second possibility that came on Mason's mind seemed more logical to him because he knew his father very well.

"Dad, I have another question to ask you!" Mason said and immediately realized that fury would rise in his father again because C.C. has told him that he didn't want to continue the discussion about Sophia.

"I told you that I don't want to talk to you about ..." C.C. wasn't able to finish his sentence because Mason interrupted him.

"I have understood that dad! I wanted to know why you have put a detective in charge of finding Cruz's address in Mexico?"

CC had almost forgotten that he had invited his ex-son-in-law and his grandchildren to the wedding and now he realized that he would have to contact Cruz to tell him that the wedding would be canceled. Without saying a word C.C. passed Mason and went into the foyer, took the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello! C.C. Capwell on the phone! Carmen, may I talk to Cruz?"

"I'm sorry! Cruz and the children aren't here! Do you want me to tell Cruz that he should call you back!"

"Yes, that would be very nice! Thanks Carmen!" C.C. said and hung up the phone; he turned around and saw that Mason was still standing behind him.

"What?" C.C. said because his mood had became even worse because he had remembered that he had invited Cruz and the children for the marriage and he knew that the kids would be very upset if the wedding wouldn't take place.

"Have you invited them for the wedding?" Mason asked.

"Yes, I have! It was a surprise that I had planed for Sophia, because I wanted her to be the happiest woman on earth on our wedding day!"

"Your fight doesn't really mean that you're not going to find a way back to each other again. I mean you really love her and she only loves you dad! I'll have to leave now I still have some work to do!" Mason said and knew that the next thing that he will do would be to talk to Lionel about Sophia and to find out if his father was right or not. And deep inside Mason hoped that his father would be wrong with his suppositions.

"I think this time it's too late! But you're right I really love Sophia and she's the only woman ever really loved!" C.C. told his son while the two men walked to the big entrance door of the Capwell mansion.

Just when Mason wanted to open the door it was opened from the other side and a very nervous and exited Kelly came in followed by her boyfriend Connor McCabe.

"Great, that you're here daddy! I was looking for you, because I have something very important to tell you!"

"What happened Kelly! You seem to be confused!" Mason said to his youngest sister and in some way he was right, Kelly was so excited and only wanted to tell her father that he wasn't wrong about accusing her mother of betraying him with Lionel Lockridge.

"I think you should better sit down daddy!"

"Well I'll have to go now!" Mason said.

"No, Mason! I want you to here this as well!" Kelly replied and went into the living room, Connor, Mason and C.C. followed her. Connor wanted to support Kelly and Mason and C.C. wanted to know what she would have to tell them.

"Well, daddy, do you remember that Connor told you that someone lives on your boat since a few days and that Momma was seen on the yacht?"

"Yes, how could I forget it? That was the beginning of the end!" C.C. said and again fury rose in him.

"Connor and I knew who it was who lived on your yacht for a few days!" Kelly said and smiled because she knew that her father would be happy about the news, even if they couldn't tell him where Eden was now, because she had already left the yacht when Kelly and Connor arrived there earlier.

"Why do you smile? You know that you're mother was on MY boat with this ... and you smile! I really don't understand you!"

"Let her finish, dad!" Mason said because he was very curious about what his sister would tell them.

"It was Eden who lived on the boat and it was her with whom momma met!"

"What did you say?" C.C. said and couldn't believe his ears his beloved daughter was back in Santa Barbara and Sophia knew it and didn't tell him.

"I said that it was Eden who lived on the yacht!"

"Where is she now?" Mason and C.C. asked at the same time.

"We don't know she had already left the yacht when we were there earlier but she left a letter for you, daddy!"

"Do you know where Sophia is?" Mason asked.

"No, but Connor has found out that Momma had booked a flight to Italy!" Kelly replied and looked at her father to see his reaction.

"Well dad! This time she not only left you but she also left the town." Mason said to his father because he couldn't understand his father behavior.

"Sophia had left town?" C.C. said and felt that he became very upset because he realized that because of his jealousy the woman he loved so much had left Santa Barbara and went back to Italy.

"Daddy! Here's the letter Eden left at the yacht for you!" Kelly said and gave her father the letter.

"We have to go now!" Kelly said and she and Connor left the living room.

"I also have to go now! But there's something I will tell you dad! Think about what happened between you and Sophia once again and then do everything you can to bring her back home, because I know that you'll never be the same when she won't comeback." Mason said and left his father alone.

Chapter 7