Still... the journey continues...

Chapter 3, by Melissa

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Captain's office, cruise ship-docked at Naples.

CC, Cruz, Micah, and Dante stand in the Captain's office as Cruz takes the lead in presenting the evidence against Ken.

Cruz holds up a current picture of Ken. "We have proof that Ken Mathis is responsible for the poisonings of his previous two wives. We also know that he has been systematically poisoning his current wife, Sophia Mathis."

Cruz hands the photos of Sophia and Ken along with a folder containing the rest of their evidence of Ken's murderous past and his current efforts to kill Sophia.

After reviewing the contents of the folder, the Captain confirms that Sophia and Ken are indeed passengers on his ship. The Captain recalls having dinner with Sophia and Ken the night before and commenting that Mrs. Mathis did seem to be feeling ill.

He remembers that Ken quickly dismissed the Captain's concerns and said that his wife was just suffering from a bad case of motion sickness. The Captain says he then offered to have the ship's doctor come by their suite and give Sophia something to help relieve her symptoms. He recounts that Ken said that they had some dramamine back in the suite and excused his wife and himself.

CC can barely contain his disgust as he listens to the Captain review the events of the night before finally interrupts and says, "Captain, you said yourself how sick Sophia seemed, you need to let us go to her immediately!"

" Mr, Capwell, I appreciate you concern for Mrs. Mathis, but I cannot have people with no authority running around my ship endangering other passengers..."

" No authority! That woman is my wife!" CC shouts.

" Well sir, her last name would seem to indicate otherwise. Now , I assure you we will go to their suite and..."

Dante interrupts the Captain and shows him the sworn arrest warrant for Ken Mathis from Interpol. After examining the paperwork, the Captain and Dante go to the next room to verify the authenticity of the warrant.

" Dammit Cruz, Sophia could be dying while we stand around waiting for his verification!"

" Mr. C I know you're worried, but you getting upset is not going to do Sophia any good..." CC interrupts Cruz.

" No, me standing around here isn't doing Sophia any good! I am done waiting around, I'm going to go get her myself!" Before Cruz can say anything CC sees an extra Captain's uniform hanging on the door hook, he grabs the coat and puts it on.

" Mr. C you can't just..." CC ignores Cruz's protests, commenting that it's a good thing he wore black pants, as the Captain's are too short to fit him.

" All right, if you insist on doing this, I want you to wear this earpiece mic and let us know as soon as you get to Sophia's room. I'll be able to hear your movements through my earpiece." Cruz takes another earpiece out of his pocket and puts it in his ear.

CC quickly puts his earpiece in and walks over to the desk to find Sophia's suite number.

" You can let her know what is going on, but we'll be right behind you to take Ken into custody and get Sophia to the hospital." CC sees the ship's registry on the Captain's desk and finds Sophia suite number. He walks back over to Cruz and Micah, ready to go get his wife.

Cruz puts his hand on CC's shoulder to stop him as he heads for the door. Cruz hands CC a gun which he says is for his protection only. "No heroics Mr. C..."

" I know, I know Cruz, I just have to get to her before it's too late."

Micah interjects, "CC you better take this antidote for Sophia to help stop the effects of the poison. It is imperative that you administer it to her right away." CC takes the syringe and conceals it in the breast pocket of the Captain's coat. With one last determine look at Cruz and Micah, CC heads out the door to find Sophia.


Hallway of cruise ship.

CC walks down the hall pushing a room service cart complete with a silver tray holding Eggs Benedict for Two, Orange Juice and Champagne. CC remembers that this was the breakfast he and Sophia shared the morning after they were finally married again after being apart for so long. He remembers how Sophia said she loved him and she loved being a Capwell and he took her in his arms and kissed her.

CC snaps out of his daydream and realizes he has arrived at Sophia's suite- 5015. Before picking the lock on the door, CC looks around to make sure the hallway is clear, then he opens his coat to reveal a holster and gun.

He quickly picks the lock with his credit card and says, "I'm in" into the ear piece that Cruz gave him.


Sophia's suite.

CC walks in the suite, puts his earpiece on the table, and immediately sees Sophia on the coach, looking pale and unconscious. He walks over to her and sits on the edge of the couch next to her, touching his hand to her cheek. Ken is nowhere to be found.

" Sophia? Darling, wake up…"

Sophia open's her eyes, "Oh CC, how did you find me... what...I feel so sick, I don't know what's wrong."

" I know honey, that's why I'm here. You've been poisoned, but I've come to get you out of here. CC pulls a syringe full of a stryctnine antidote that Micah gave him from his pocket.

" Oh CC, it's too late, I'm so weak, I can't." Tears begin to stream down Sophia's cheeks.

" No sweetheart, it's not too late. This shot is going to help you feel better. And we are going to get out of here together." CC injects the needle into Sophia's arm.

" CC, I'm so sorry… I love you so much. I've always loved you. Please know that."

Sophia begins to lose consciousness again, CC grabs her and pulls her close to him, jolting her awake.

" Stay with me Sophia! I need you, and no matter what has happened, I have never, and will never love anyone the way I love you!" You have to stay strong! Look at me Sophia!"

Sophia feels CC's hands on her and begins to come around again, her eyes looking straight into his.

" That's it sweetheart. Do you remember when you were gone before? You didn't know who you were and you didn't remember us. But you were so strong, you're a fighter and some where deep inside, our love gave you the will to fight your way back to us all alone."

Sophia, still crying, only now with tears of love, smiles.

CC takes Sophia's hand. " You still have to fight now, darling. I need you to fight right now as hard as you ever have, but you don't have to do it alone now. I am here with you every step of the way. Let's go home."

CC begins to help Sophia stand and just then hears Ken approaching the door. Quickly, he sweeps Sophia up off her feet and lays her down on the couch. He removes his coat and drapes it over Sophia to keep her warm. Then, he removes the gun holister and lays it on the table next to the couch.

" CC he'll kill you!"

" He won't have the chance Sophia."

CC stands firm, waiting as Ken enters the room and shuts the door, turning to find CC there with Sophia who once again looks unconscious, lying on the couch.

" What the HELL are you doing here CC and what have you done to MY WIFE." Ken takes a step towards Sophia and CC grabs his forearm and shoves him back to his place.


" What are you going to do, kill me?" Ken smirks.

" Well my man, I did tell you before you left on this little getaway with Sophia that if you hurt her, I would hunt you down. I'm just keeping my word." CC takes another step towards Ken.

" You see, we know all about how you poisoned the other two woman who had the misfortune of marrying you. We also know what you've been doing to Sophia all these months."

" I haven't done anything to Sophia." Ken sneers.

" SAVE IT!! CC shouts. We found the pills and the poison sweetener packets at the cottage and I'm am not going to let Sophia go the same way."

" You can't do anything to me. YOU don't even have a gun." Ken taunts CC as he pulls a revolver out of his tux pocket.

" I don't need a gun Mathis. I'm going to kill you with my bare hands!"

Ken fires the gun, and shoots CC in the shoulder. CC, unphased, rushes him and slams him against the wall. He raises Ken's hand with the gun and slams it repeatedly against the wall until he drops the gun. Ken breaks free and punches CC hard in the gut and sends him reeling across the room. CC gets up quickly and uses the room service cart to knock Ken off his feet. Once Ken is on the floor, CC uses his good arm and pummels him with several hits to the face and then slams his head against the floor until it begins to bleed. CC stands up, Ken, bleeding to death, rolls over. CC gives him one last kick in the gut and Ken rolls onto his back motionless.CC rushes to Sophia's side as Cruz, Micah, and other officials from the ship burst into the room.

Sophia curled up with severe pain, opens her eyes and sees CC walking toward her with the blood from his shoulder now seeping through his white shirt.

" CC you're hurt!"

" No darling, I'm fine now. Micah, please come and help Sophia."

CC gets up as Micah puts an oxygen mask on Sophia and begins taking her vitals. CC walks over to Cruz who is kneeling over Ken.

Ken opens his eyes briefly and says, "I didn't do it. I didn't want to kill the Contessa." Expending his last breath, Ken closes his eyes.

CC, Cruz , and Dante exchange glances. "He's dead" Cruz says to CC as the paramedics rush in the room to put Sophia on a gurney.

" I'll take care of things here Mr. C. You should go with Sophia and get that shoulder looked at.

" Right, thanks Cruz." With that CC and Micah follow the gurney to the ambulance and rush Sophia to the hospital.

On the ambulance, CC and Micah discuss Sophia's condition.

" Did we make it in time Micah?"

" I think so CC. The next 24 hours will be rough, we'll need to keep giving her shots to neutralize the poison in her system, and I've given her a sedative to help her rest, but yes I think you made it in time CC."

Did you hear that Sophia Capwell? Everything's alright now. You're going to make it. WE'RE going to make it!'

CC kisses Sophia's forehead as the ambulance pulls up to the hospital.

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