Still... the journey continues...

Chapter 1, by Wendy

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Capwell Study.

Entering the Study, CC Capwell could not believe that he is alone for the first time in what seemed like years. His children were busy with their lives and their families, and his wife, or the woman he still considered to be his wife, was married again and very happy. He wonders where he went wrong….he notices a photo album on the shelf in the study, takes it down, and places it on the desk. Getting a drink he sits down and opens the album, he takes a sip before taking a trip back down memory lane.

When he opens it the first page takes him back to the first time he asked Sophia to marry him. She seemed so afraid to go thru with the engagement even though he knew how much she loved him. He remembers the happiness he felt when she said yes, yes she would marry him. His attention came back to the album and he turns the page.

The next page has pictures of CC and Sophia in the was a time they were planning the wedding and before long they had to go upstairs. Sophia always found a way to excite him. He smiles, takes another drink and again turns the page.

The next page is a picture of Sophia in her wedding dress. She was so beautiful and he remembered how the wedding that was to bring them together as man and wife ended up with Gina stepping in. It was a bad time for them but it brought them closer in the end. And he would do it all over again...protecting their daughter Kelly was all they cared about at the time.

Taking another drink he is about to turn the page when he hears a knock on the door. "Come in." he called out as he looked up from the album. He was surprised when he saw Sophia walk in. She looked pale and weak...he stands up and walks over to her, a smile crosses his face when he looks in to the eyes of the woman he loves.

" Well this is a wonderful surprise." He says looking at Sophia.

" You may not think so when I tell you what I have come to tell you." She told him.

" Really?" he says with a surprised tone. "Should I sit down for this?" he asks her, unsure of what she was about to say.

" Maybe you should, CC." Sophia says, knowing only to well that he would not be happy about her news. CC goes to the desk and sits down behind it. Sophia walks in front of the desk, her fingers lightly tapping on the edge. She appears nervous. To CC, this was not the self assured woman he knew.

" Okay, I am sitting now what did you want to tell me?" he asked her.

" Ken and I are going to Italy. I have some business to handle for Armonti Industries and Ken seems to think that getting away will give me the rest that I need and can not get here." She tells him and waits for the other shoe to drop…as it always did with CC the last few months.

" Sophia, you can't be serious about going to Italy now. You are sick and need a Doctor. Please…"

" I am fine….or I will be." She said weakly "Ken said it would be good to get away. And with the work to do for Armonti….well it just makes sense." She tells her ex-husband "Just please, keep me informed if there is a problem with the children or if you hear from Eden."

" You know I will." He says reassuring her. CC stands up and walks over to his ex-wife and puts his arms around her and holds her close. Both close their eyes and wish the last year had turned out differently.

Ken walks into the room...

" CC…" Ken says looking at the man holding his wife.
" It is a good thing I am not a jealous man." Then he looks at Sophia. "Honey, are you ready to go?"

Sophia wipes away a tear as it falls down her cheek.

" Yes...yes lets go." She tells Ken and the she looks up at CC before she leaves and it is a look of love.

CC watches as Ken leads the woman he loves away...


Capwell Atrium.

CC follows them out of the study and to the front door.

Just as Ken opened the door he yells, "Mathis, you better take good care of my wife. If anything happens to her I will hunt you down. And that is a promise." He says giving Ken a look to let him know this was a real threat.Ken looking at CC says "No...CC...she is my wife now!"

Then Ken and Sophia walk out the door leaving CC standing there alone.


Capwell living room.

CC gets another drink and sits at the table...the song " I'm never gonna say goodbye" begins to play...CC begins to remember the good times with Sophia, of which there were many.

The time she tried on the dresses at the Capwell Hotel...the time on the Oil Rig...when the rig struck oil.

Suddenly the doorbell rings and CC is brought back the present.

" I'll get it Rosa." He says knowing that he needs to get his mind off the woman he loves. She has moved on without him and he needs to do the same.

Chapter 2