The cast of Santa Barbara welcomes you to their big annual party !

 Daytime Soaps, 1991

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Every year the cast and crew of Santa Barbara get together for a night of fun. There's plenty of great food, dancing, time for talking and lots of fun.

Held at a beautiful private villa in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara family always has a good time. Everyone looked terrific and black was definitely the color of the evening among the ladies clothing.

Here's a look at your favorite stars all dressed for an evening of fun.

Santa Barbara's bash

 Soap Opera Update, 1991


Santa Barbara's bash was an elegant affair held at a private villa in Hancock Park in Los Angeles. The traditional holiday fare, as well as a pasta bar, scored with the partygoers. When the cast and crew got a chance, they braved the uncharacteristically cold weather and went outside to the exotic dance over the pool.

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Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell Castillo) and Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell), Gordon Thomson (Mason Capwell) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Wainwright), Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell), John Vargas (Marcos Llamera) and Robin Mattson (Gina DeMott Capwell), Robin Mattson and Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge), Timothy Gibbs (Dash Nichols) and Robin Mattson, Justin Gocke (Brandon Capwell), Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly), Shell Danielson (Laken Lockridge), Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez)