The best of the best 1988

 Soap Opera Update, 1989

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Best couple : Cruz and Eden

Different worlds, diverse temperaments, disparate culture s: where opposites attract, Cruz and Eden explode. From their earliest encounters, this distinctive couple has had enough chemistry to fuel a jet, but being the independent, stubborn individuals that they are, it took containment - overnight in a locked office - to make their romantic feelings burst forth. Such was the beginning of the long and winding romance of Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell.

And before they would wed, there would be many obstacles strewn in their path : from loveless marriages to devastating injuries, Cruz and Eden's unconquerable love kept their hearts permanently interwined. Through all the adversity, one thing has remained constant - their unspoken, unbreakable and undeniable bond of love - forever linking them in heart, mind, spirit and soul. The differences that make them so unique have melded together to make them compelling and engaging, whether facing adversity or triumph.