Santa Barbara swap meet

 By Janet Di Lauro, Daytime TV, 1988

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Top stars tell who they'd like to trade places with for a day ! Imagine filling in for a day as one of Santa Barbara's sexy leading ladies or taking the place the place of the show's resident handsome heartthrobs ? Maybe you'd like to try your hand as Gina Capwell so you could wheel deal, and even mud wrestle with Keith Timmons. Or perhaps you'd like to step into Cruz Castillo's shoes and play Superman, Prince Charming, and Sherlock Holmes all in a day's work. Or might you want to take a shot at daytime's own female Perry Mason, incomparable, strong-willed attorney Julia Wainwright.

We asked some of Santa Barbara's top stars if they could switch roles with any other characters on the show (male or female) who they'd pick and why. Their choices and the reasons behind them are sure to surprise you.

Judith McConnell (Sophia)

"I'd love to be baby Chip. He comes in early; he gets out early; and he gets carried around constantly while he's at the studio. I wouldn't mind a few days like that !»

A Martinez (Cruz)

"Keith Timmons, because he has more fun than everybody else on the show combined. He gets to be mean, which is fun. He gets to be crazy. He gets to do it all.»

Chip Mayer (T.J.)

"I guess Cruz, because he's got a great profile. The character's written well, and besides, A Martinez makes him so great. There's something about A… If I could be A and be Cruz for a day, I'd give it a try. A's a great guy. I don't know the man that well, but just from talking to him, he seems to be a guy with a great soul. There's a nice aura about him. I wouldn't mind being Cruz or A."

Kristen Meadows (Victoria)

"That's easy, Keith Timmons. He's so much fun, so crazy, so outrageous… As Keith I'd get to do all the things I'd never ever be able to do in the real life."

Marcy Walker (Eden)

"My natural response is Keith but that's because I admire Justin Deas so much. I think he‘s a terrific actor. But that's actor, rather than character. I guess if I could be another character on Santa Barbara I'd pick Cruz Castillo. That way I'd get the chance to hold a gun once in a while. No put indeed. Make sure you add that ! (she laughs)"

Jed Allan (C.C.)

"Even though I don't think that there's a better part in all of daytime than C.C. Capwell, if I had to pick another character to play on our show I'd say Cruz. That way I'd get to make out with Marcy Walker (Eden) every day."

Todd McKee (Ted)

"Keith. First of all, I wish I had that kind of talent to be as free as Justin Deas is with the character. Then, I'd be able to and like to play Keith. He has so much fun all the time. He's not afraid to do anything… try anything. As Keith, I could experiment everyday, and I'd love the chance to do that."

James Luisi (Ben)

"Jeffrey, so I could make love to Robin Wright (Kelly)."

Robin Wright (Kelly)

"Keith Timmons. There's so much freedom in that character. He's like the Jack Nicholson of soaps and I just love him."

Scott Jaeck (Cain)

"I'd like to play one of the comedians on the show, like Keith or Pearl. I love comedy. The writers have been trying to make Cain a little funnier lately. He was so serious for so long. Keith and Pearl both have a lot of humor in them. They get to smile and laugh a lot more than I do."

Nancy Grahn (Julia)

"Probably Gina because she is outrageous. And, she gets to work with Justin Deas. He throws things at you in a scene. You never know what to expect from him. You have to be on your toes. There's a great sense of improve in Gina and Keith's scenes. I'd love the chance to do more of that."

Marj Dusay (Pamela)

"My choice would be Keith. He's totally irreverent. He casts aside all the basic rules on a daytime soap and I love it. Playing Keith would give me a reason to really be neurotic, instead of just acting neurotic."

Jane Rogers (Heather)

"I hope nobody's picked little Samantha, because that's who I'd like to trade place with for a day. First of all, I have always wanted to be a child actress. And secondly, she doesn't have to worry about learning any lines, which leaves her evenings totally free."

Vincent Irizarry (Scott)

"Keith Timmons is the guy I'd like to play because he always gets himself into outrageous and absurd situations. I think that might be a lot of fun."

Ally Walker (Andrea)

"Trading places with A Martinez wouldn't be bad. I'd like to be Cruz because I love his wardrobe. It's really great !"