A double miracle to save Santa Barbara

 CinÚ TÚlÚ Revue, 1991

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Whereas the future of the show, in France, is always uncertain (it is whispered that it could be replaced on TF1 by Riviera, the first European soap-opera), the American admirers of Santa Barbara breathe : their show is perhaps saved. In the United States, for several months, the situation of Santa Barbara is catastrophic and, to give a (last ?) salutary start to the saga, to try to make it go up in the surveys, the production has just re-hired Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the creators of Eden, of Cruz and of the other characters.

In 1984, when Santa Barbara was born, the Dobsons were at the head of the ship. They remained there until 1987, when the first difficulties appeared with other producers. Ousted, then definitively set aside, the creators did not accept the situation and juridically acted. A few months ago, they declared : "We would like to come back to the head of our show. We think it needs us." Indeed... Winners in the courts, the Dobsons, today, came back to their "child". "We applaud this decision", declares the president of New World, the producing company of the show. "Bridget and Jerome represent the energie, the style and the bearing, which made of Santa Barbara the first soap during three years." At the same time, a second miracle emerges in the saga : Eden (Marcy Walker), victim of a serious car accident, get back from her coma and found Cruz again for the celebrations of the end of the year. A new departure. A coincidence ?