Deadly sniper shatters wedding celebration on Santa Barbara

 National Enquirer, 1991

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Gunfire shatters a Capwell party for Cassie and Mason on Santa Barbara, leaving one person dead and another wounded. And the prime suspect is Warren ! The action explodes onscreen next week when the Capwells gather at the Oasis to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Mason (Gordon Thomson) and Cassie (Karen Moncrieff). In a touching scene, C.C. (Jed Allan) reconciles with his rebellious son Mason and agrees to be his best man.

But danger lurks in a rented apartment across the street from the Oasis where a brokenhearted Warren (Jack Wagner) watches the festivities as he aims a rifle at Mason. Angela (Nina Aversen) coaxes Warren to bed to forget about his lost love Cassie.

But just as Mason is raising his glass to toast his future bride, a shadowy figure picks up Warren's rifle, steps out on his balcony and shoots at the guests. One person dies. Another is wounded and rushed to the hospital. At the moment when the shots were fired Warren and Angela were in different areas at the apartment, and each suspects the other of the crimes. Police believe Warren did the shooting and when they get an anonymous tip that the murder weapon is in his trunk, that appears to seal his fate.

Is Warren guilty ? Or is someone trying to frame him ? Stay tuned !