How not to split up a super couple

 Soap Opera Digest, 1989

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Admittedly, life as a married couple isn't always a thrill a minute. Dullsville is sometimes more like it. But can't shows like Santa Barbara come up with something innovative for a change instead of always splitting up their super couples ?

After we all waited patiently as Cruz and Eden fought impossible odds to be united, along comes some guy from her distant past and suddenly it's good-bye hubby, hello love-on-the-run with Robert.

In the nearly six years the show's been on the air, we've never heard Eden allude to any former love affair with Robert. Worse yet, after all of Eden's "Do I love Cruz or Robert ?" nonsense, suddenly Cruz and Eden are getting back together again.

I agree with Kelly, who asked sister Eden, "Why couldn't you just say to Robert : "Sorry, I have a family and can't help you today ?"" Instead, we watched Eden chase a schoolgirl crush for two months and destroy all the credibility of the Cruz / Eden pairing. The whole thing just didn't add up.

 But according to Steve Kent, supervising producer for Santa Barbara, Cruz and Eden were split up and will soon be reunited "to show that true love always prevails, that relationships always fluctuate in real life, but that love can triumph." Adds Kent, "We tried not to make the Eden / Cruz romance be just something out a fairy tale. Obviously, they both are going through a big problem, but ultimately they get back together. It's just more realistic."