«Gimme a break !»

 Soap Opera Digest, 1988

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Why should Santa Barbara's Cain end up being Cruz and Eden's best friend, considering he kept her a prisoner in his mountain cabin ? What possible reason would men like As The World Turn's Ducan and Craig have for rejecting a woman as alluring as Emily Steward? And how can we believe that the heroes of Port Charles (Duke, Scorpio and Sean) couldn't protect Anna from a deranged Olivia on General Hospital ? Coming up, the soap plots that make us groan "imme a break !"

Cruz and Eden befriend Cain, Santa Barbara

After overcoming many obstacles to be together, Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo were going to tie the knot. Or so they thought. Eden was attacked by a deranged woman and left for dead. She was found by a mountain man named Cain, a Vietnam vet with a violent temper. Cain nursed Eden back to health and became so obsessed with her that when a grieving Cruz turned up, Cain allowed him to go on believing Eden was dead.

Cain couldn't deal with the fact that Eden wanted to return home, so he terrorized her into staying put. Eventually, Eden escaped and made her way to Santa Barbara, but (temporary) lose the use of her legs in the process. Cruz shouldn't have had Cain arrested or, at the very least, sent him packing. Instead, Eden and Cruz befriend Cain, and Cruz even made him a partner in his detective agency. Sure.