TV's most memorable fathers : an appraisal

 Par Stella Bednardz, Soap Opera Digest, 1988

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Fathers on daytime television are among the most appealing and obnoxious on soaps. Sometimes they are the responsible heads of families, other times deliberately missing in action. Soap Opera Digest took an overview of daytime's daddies and sorted them out into the wicked and the wonderful, the lovable, the loathsome and everyone else who fell in between. We even included men on the verge of fatherhood. Here are our citations for soap opera's fathers.


Best father-to-be : Cruz Castillo, Santa Barbara

Most men fondly look forward to becoming a father; Cruz embraces the concept and gests misty-eyed just thinking about it.

No matter who the mother is, Cruz will cherish his child with immeasurable passion.


Best powerful father : C.C. Capwell, Santa Barbara

C.C. is a force to be reckoned with. He has very definite opinions and anyone who doesn't agree with them, or who stands in his way, usually regrets it later on. His children love him in spite of this, though they are constantly seeking his approval.

This is especially apparent in eldest son, Mason (from C.C.'s first marriage to Pamela). Eden, Kelly and Ted (from current wife Sophia) have better luck in making C.C. proud, and usually think twice before ruffling C.C.'s feathers.

We don't blame them, though we do wish they'd tell their father to back off and loosen up every once in a while.