The role of all hapinesses

 By Alena Prime, TÚlÚ Star, 1989

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Hollywood does not need even more to launch contests to recruit new beauties. They are born right there. It is the case of Carrington Garland, who was born in the capital of the cinema. Elder girl of Beverly Garland (the actress who played the mother of Kate Jackson in the show Scarecrow and Mrs King), she grew up in the luxury of a dream villa on the Hollywood heights. An immense landscape, vast rooms furnished with taste, a swimming pool at the edge of which Carrington lounges in a tiny two-piece bathing-drawer. In short, the image of what is called here the "California girl".

Carrington Garland however did not believe herself intended for the job of actress. "The fact that my mother is an actress influenced neither my childhood, nor my adolescence, she affirms. In fact, I wanted to become a businesswoman (I even made rather thorough studies). I thought of exerting in fashion designing and merchandising. It is completely by chance that once my studies finished, I changed of opinion. During a dinner, a friend announced to me that he was going to open an agent office. He wanted me to be his first customer. I pointed out to him that I did not have any strictly theatrical formation : "Your play will be only more sincere !", he answered me. He convinced me. It was so unexpected that I said to myself "why not ?" But deeper in myself, I promised not to insist and return to fashion designing if the things did not go on."

No problem, Carrington did not need to. Last October, the producers of Santa Barbara called her. The reason : an audition. They wanted to replace the actress who had replaced Robin Wright in the role of Kelly : Kimberly, the substitute, was not - according to them - in her place in the character.

Carrington Garland has been hired last March. At the detriment of the actresses older than her in the show, Carrington had the honor to a trip in Paris with Marcy Walker. In the streets of the capital, many were those who took them for sisters, so much they physically resemble. Carrington returned from this trip filled of happiness. Not only she was ensured to have a regular role in the show, but in Paris, she had found the man of her life. Who is he ? On this subject, the young actress remains discrete. It is only known that it is an American and that he spends every year a certain time in Europe, where Carrington came to find him for a few days last month. "These trips are so romantic that they make me forget the risks of the time shift, she says. But especially do not say that I will get married, it is not the subject for the moment."

For now on, Carrington thus still occupies her girly bedroom, but expects to rent a house not far from her parents. "I will furnish it according to my taste, she explains. That will be easy for me, with the comfortable weekly cheque I receive from Santa Barbara. I am not like those who disparage work in soaps. For the moment, I do even see advantages there : a durable role and stability, an essential thing for actors. Because in this job, it is the one or the other : several roles which arrive to you at the same time or months of despairing unemployment. I am delighted by having become Kelly and I hope well to play this role as long as possible. If I do not play it any more, it is because Santa Barbara will have lived."