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 Soap Opera Weekly, 1989

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Character : Mason Capwell - Well educated, pompous, funny and smooth. One minute a poet (he usually recites Shakespeare), the next a scoundrel.
On the surface, Mason seems to be leading the ideal life. He is married to Julia, the only woman in the world who not only puts up with his shenanigans, but genuinely adores him. If only Mason could earn the love and respect of his father, C.C. Capwell, he might be able to lead a normal (make that greatly improved) life.

Predecessor : Lane Davies

Replacement : Terry Lester

Overall rating : A

Who'd a thunk it ? Who can replace Lane Davies as Mason Capwell ? No one, impossible! But they dit it, with the only man in daytime who could carry it off. Terry Lester is as sharped-tongued and acerbic as Lane ever was, and really good looking enough to carry off the romantic angles. And there is no doubt he's having fun doing it, too. "It's like working on Saturday Night Live every day," he said in a recent interview.
Keep up the good work.