Anthony Tonell




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1989

Married to : Augusta Lockridge (1989)


Former known girlfriend : Sasha Schmidt (1989)

Profession : Businessman

  Mitchell Ryan :
August 28 1989 (# 1280) to November 29 1989 (# 1344)

The dangerous and merciless Anthony Tonell appears in 1989, in full period of crisis for Capwell Enterprises. Robert Barr took the power and the Capwells lost everything. It turns out then that Robert works for another man, an important Las Vegas businessman with little scrupulous methods, and worthing of the worst gangsters : Anthony Tonell.

Tonell moves back in front of nothing to get what he wants. He has under his orders an effective henchman, Craig Hunt, thanks to whom he can make as well lock Cruz Castillo into the San Sebastian prison on a false pretext, than to shoot Rafael Castillo. Without moral qualms, he makes accuse Julia Wainwright of the murder of Bunny Tagliatti, and blows up a train in which are Eden and Cruz. Tonell is not indeed used to get troubled about those who block his way. We understand his real intentions when he uses the El Diablo gold mine to hide in false ingots pounds of plutonium. He then uses a railroad belonging to Capwell Enterprises to escort his load towards the United States, and to use the threat of plutonium explosions to obtain always more power and wealth.

But meanwhile, Tonell loses a major ally, Robert Barr. This latter changes of camp, by love for Eden Capwell, and rebels against his former mentor. The danger makes more and more threatening when Tonell discovers that his mistress, Sasha Schmidt, cheated on him with Mason Capwell in Palm Springs, and fell in love with him. The intervention of a hitman is required to put an end to Tonell's outburst of anger, who dies from a bullet in front of Cruz Castillo.

The hitman turns out to be paid by Tonell's widow, even if it was never clearly established that she ordered the death of her husband. At the time of the reading of Tonell's will, everybody discovers unbelievingly that the maffioso's widow is no other than Augusta Lockridge ! She moreover turns out to be the one who blew to Tonell the idea to acquire Capwell Enterprises. Augusta cries her late husband with crocodile tears, especially as a big part of Tonell's goods leaves to Robert Barr and not to her.

Even if he represented an exciting danger, Anthony Tonell was maybe too much unidimensional so that we can really become attached to him. His true motivations remained vague for too long, and even the real circumstances of his death will have remained uncertain...

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