Alice Jackson




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of birth : 1967

Father : Gus Jackson

Mother : Caroline Wilson


Raised by : Olivia and Gus Jackson

Sister : Jane Wilson (half-sister)

Profession : Waitress at Johnny's Place


Marie-Alise Recasner :
June 02 1986 (# 470) to April 08 1987 (# 686)


Mentally disturbed since her youth, Alice Jackson is certainly one of the most secret characters and the most inintelligible of Santa Barbara. She is, during her first weeks in the show, the dumb and timorous roomate of Kelly Capwell at Dr. Rawlings' psychiatric hospital. She sympathizes very quickly with Pearl Bradford and Dr. Justin Moore, come to release Kelly from the hands of the infamous psychopath doctor. She finally owes her safety in Lionel Lockridge, who succeeds in obtaining her guard in order to avoid asylum to her again.

Her first words are for Pearl, of who she formerly knew the brother at the hospital of Dr. Rawlings in Boston. She entrusts to him that Brian, she formerly loved, did not commit suicide, like the doctor let him believe. Once that Pearl found the trace of Brian and brought him back with him in Santa Barbara, Alice is terribly glad. But she quickly sings small while understanding that Brian is more interested in her friend Jane Wilson than in herself... She is however courted by police officer Paul Whitney, fascinated by her kindness and her naivety. Besides Alice takes finally confidence in her when she is proposed by Nick Hartley to sit for fashion photos.

Alice also ends refinding her father, then imprisoned for murder whereas he had tried to protect his daughter from the violences of a police officer. But Gus has a terrible news to announce to her : her mother, Ollie, is dead. Meanwhile, Gus is again put in jail, accused this time to have attacked Eden Capwell at the Orient Express. Once the real culprit, Zachary Terry, arrested, Gus is released and Alice breathes again. At least until the next traumatism, when she discovers that her real mother is in fact Caroline Wilson, the mother of her friend Jane ! It is hard for Alice to accept the news so much more that she learns that Caroline knew that she was wrongly interned all these years and that she never intervened. Alice ends however forgiving Caroline and her father to have lied to her.

Her father having found a job in Chicago, Alice agrees to go with him and to leave Santa Barbara and her regained mother, not without a certain sadness. The story wants that she and Gus were present a last time close to Caroline at the time of her burial, a few weeks later, in Georgia...

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