Dr. Alex Nikolas




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Dr. Alexander Nikolas

Former known girlfriends : Pamela Conrad (1957-19??), Gina DeMott Capwell (1987)

  Profession : Scientist  

Michael Durrell :
March 17 1987 (# 670) to January 25 1988 (# 874)


The mysterious and distant Dr. Alex Nikolas makes his entry in Santa Barbara at the time of the new wedding of Sophia and C.C. Capwell in March 1987. His old official friendship with C.C. is in fact only a lure intended to hide the hatred that he feels for the rich businessman. Formerly fiancÚ to Pamela Conrad, Alex saw his lover to escape from him for Capwell money, before dying by the fault of the same C.C.. Alex finds allies in his search of revenge in Jeffrey Conrad and Mason Capwell, both eager to honour the memory of their late mother. A third ally is added to the two previous ones in the person of Gina DeMott Capwell, who falls in love with Alex. Their relation badly adjusted as from the departure does not however last a long time.

One of Alex's many researches consists of the creation of a serum likely to cure the strange evil from which Caroline Wilson suffers. As he refuses to deliver his first prototype before it is not more tested, Lionel Lockridge takes the initiative to steal the serum that Caroline injects to herself. Gina and Keith Timmons do the same without Alex's knowledge, and sell to C.C. a sample of the serum so that he can commercialize it under his name. But the product has harmful effects and kills all its users, included Caroline Wilson.

Alex then finds himself directly related to the affair of the supposed death of Eden Capwell in this year 1987, since he turns to be the adoptive father of the woman who makes her being called Eleanor Norris : frightening Elena Nikolas. When he discovers that she knows the truth on her filiation (she is Pamela and C.C.'s daughter), Alex fears that her disturbed nature does not lead her to terrible misdeeds. Alex is not at the end of his surprises when, at the death of Elena, at the time of the lawsuit of Cruz Castillo for her murder, he discovers that Pamela is still alive and back to Santa Barbara ! Alex's deceitful behavior makes him an obvious actor in the death of Elena. After a missed suicide attempt, Alex ends up acknowledging that he was with his adoptive daughter at the time of her death and that he killed her by accident with her gun. The continuations of the investigation however clear him, since it proves that in fact Elena killed herself.

Whereas he has already lost Elena, Alex must also go to the obviousness about Pamela : this last one is only interested in C.C. again and will never turn over towards him again. He then prefers to leave definitively Santa Barbara at the beginning of the year 1988...

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