Journal of a visit in Villefranche-sur-Mer

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In a supermarket, with the Santa Barbara novels published in France.

In a hotel room in Los Angeles with my Santa Barbara T-shirt !

Back from the United States, I spent my annual holidays of August 1989 in Sanary-sur-Mer with my parents and my brother. Being informed by the TV magazines that some Santa Barbara actors were attending to French classes in Villefranche-sur-Mer, we made at least one hour away with my parents to spend the day there. As I recall, they were staying one month in Villefranche.

I had been misinformed at the home of the French school, where I was told they would come out from the grand entrance. But hopefully someone else showed us the true way : from downstairs, after great stairs in gardens which overlooked a discreet alley.

Lane Davies (Mason) and Louise Sorel (Augusta) arrived and, as you can see it on the first photo, were glad to see my Santa Barbara T-shirt !

Todd McKee (Ted) and slightly Lane had tried to speak French. I asked them why this or that person had disappeared from the show - including the C.C. Capwell who had white hair, Charles Bateman - and they answered me that it was either "the producer" or they do not remember.

Louise Sorel - although she removed her glasses to pose with me with a big smile - politely said to me in French : "We are very tired," and she left after five minutes !

Lane Davies and Todd McKee stayed to discuss and look at my magazines of Santa Barbara fan club for fifteen good minutes, when Judith McConnell (Sophia) arrived ! We did not know that and neither the comedians ! My father photographed her up close and I showed her our pictures together in the studios the month before. She replied : "Yes, I remember you ! You were charming".

I had asked questions especially to Todd McKee on behind the scenes of the show but I can not remember them ! I should have saved this with a pocket recorder.

I tried later to find the girls you see on our sides, who were taking photos and watching us, to get their pictures via an ad in the classified pages of Ciné Télé Revue, but it doesn 't give nothing.

It was the heyday of Santa Barbara in France. I do not think to see the actors one day in France again, because now they become anonymous again in the French media...

Sébastien F.
Webmaster of the forum
La Broc' de Seb

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Above :
an article of Salut ! Magazine of September 1992 about Sébastien

Lane Davies (Mason Capwell), Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge) and Todd McKee (Ted Capwell)

Todd McKee reads the magazines of the Santa Barbara fan club.

The surprise-arrival of Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell Armonti) !