The Lockridge yacht

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Generally shown in flashbacks in the first part of the show, the Lockridge yacht is a sailing ship out of wooden, moored in the city marina. It is on this boat that on May 3, 1969, following an argument, Sophia fell over the edge and almost drowned in the ocean.

In 1984, it is since its board that Lionel, his son Warren and Elizabeth Peale fish up the safe hidden aboard the Amanda Lockridge wreck.

In 1986, Lionel Lockridge offers to Gina Capwell to settle in for the making of her Mrs. Capwell's Cookies.

Augusta comes to settle in after her break-up with Lionel in early 1991. She has for neighbor Dash Nichols, set in the boat moored just next. It is on the board of this sailing ship that Eden comes to look for answers in 1991, as for her problems of split personality.