Dr. Scott Clark's house
Santa Barbara

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This is as from the beginning of 1989 that Dr. Scott Clark shows to his fiancee, Dr. Heather Donnelly, the house that once belonged to his high school coach, Frank Santino. Eager to reconnect with his roots and his childhood neighborhood, he is decided to buy this welcoming but modest house, located in a popular area of the city. Although she is concerned about the extent of the renovations that it will require, Heather agrees to participate in the purchase of the house in the project of settling there with Scott.

Lit by two front windows, the main room is quite large. Located in the middle of the wall on the left by entering, a staircase leads upstairs. At the rear is the kitchen.

Finally renovated, among others with the assistance of Jed, a carpenter friend of Heather's, the house will not know, unfortunately, a happy fate. While Heather and Scott tear apart then get separated, Scott invites his new girlfriend Celeste DiNapoli to join him there. But again, a break-up terminates this project of cohabitation in couple. Finally willing to follow Heather and their baby in Chicago, Scott will also leave the house of his dreams, without it could have welcomed the happiness he planned to live there.