Howie's Diner
Santa Barbara

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It is in spring 1990 that, just in front of the courthouse, opens a brasserie with an original decoration, Howie's Diner. The atmosphere of the 1950s is reconstituted to the slightest detail : flashy colors of the windows, squared stone floor, bar and tables with rounded off forms, and especially a musical atmosphere from that time.

It is Phyllis Blake who makes hired Gina and herself as waitresses. Gina, financially at bay, is not less shameful to have to wear everyday a pink uniform and a diner waitress white headgear. The owner, Howie Raynor, so has to conjugate with her lack of will and cooperation to serve hamburgers, milkshakes and coffee at will.

Howie's Diner will be of use for a few days as set to the shooting of Journeys, Stephen Slade's movie, for scenes taking place in the 1960s. It will disappear however very fast from the show, when Gina will lose her job as a waitress. Phyllis, as for her, will continue to work there for a while, but without we could see the restaurant and its nevertheless elaborate surroundings any more.