Michael Donnelly's apartment
Surgate arms or 234 Updike street
, Santa Barbara

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Probably used to live in a spartiate way at the Goletta convent, Michael Donnelly moves in Santa Barbara in a tiny, dark and uninviting studio, located in a building attic. The dark beige walls often turn to gray by lack of light, and one might say because of dust. No decoration, no painting comes to bring a living and warm side to the place, which would need it a lot.

The furniture is reduced to its bare minimum : as from the entrance, a table, which serves as a desk, then a shabby sofa set along a wooden fence.

At the rear of this small fence, under the sloping roof, Michael installed a bed, often unmade. Deep inside the room, opposite the entrance, a door leads to the bathroom.

Michael seems to really live as a hermit in this little apartment, symbolizing his commitment more to moral and religious values than purely material.